On My Way

After hours spent planning and packing, dozens of lists scrawled on scraps of paper, and piles that took over my room in an attempt at organisation, I was finally on my way. Sitting on the tarmac of Sydney’s Kingsford-Smith Airport, I pulled out my iPod only to discover a slight oversight; in the early hours of that morning, I had decided I should update my iPod’s software before I left, which ended up wiping all of the content off of my device. Which I had somehow not realised until the flight attendants had armed the doors for departure. I had no music. And a 14-hour flight ahead of me.

While I admit that this little incident ranks pretty low on the list of “things that could have gone wrong on my flight to Los Angeles”, I was still pretty upset. I really like listening to music, guys. But after several minutes of whining, and my mother being much more sympathetic than I would have been (because it was totally my own fault), I decided that, even if I gave it my best effort, I couldn’t spend the whole fourteen hours moping, and found an episode of How I Met Your Mother on the inflight entertainment system to cheer myself up.

As we were driving down the I-10 on our way to Claremont (listening to Joni Mitchell on my mom’s iPod), she suggested that my iPocalypse would make a good story for my blog. I wasn’t quite on the same page at first, but what she said made sense. Hence this post.  Despite all the micromanaging I did, my plans were thrown off-track within the first ten minutes of my journey. But hey, you never really know what to expect because, at least for me personally, things rarely go exactly as planned. So, I’m going to try to stop working myself into a frenzy attempting to figure out what’s going to happen once I walk onto campus on Sunday. (It’s really quite tiring – I’ve spent the last few weeks swinging between bouncing-off-the-walls excited and curl-up-in-a-ball nervous.) Que será, será. For now, I’ll concentrate on trying to find a twin extra-long comforter.