Less Cage, More Rage

So last night in my attempt to find something to do on the 5Cs that didn’t involve feigning Catholicism or ramming Coop food down my throat, I stumbled upon an apparent CMC tradition entitled “Rage in the Cage.”  Although I’m not sure if this was an ADAA-sanctioned event, the format and rules of the tournament seemed quite similar to the movie I’m referencing with the use of ADAA – “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story.”  Teams competed in matching uniforms, although like the movie, the term “uniform” is not taken in the conventional sense.  Some of the teams’ attire I saw last night included full Viking getup (horned helmets and all), a seemingly prep team (with one player competing with an old wooden squash racket and a sweater draped around his neck), and creative homemade shirts.  The ref was clad in a full tuxedo and a megaphone, and there were the ever-necessary 8 Camp Sec officers guarding the one entrance and one exit into the fenced-off tennis court area found on the northeast part of CMC’s campus.  I’ll be honest, by the end of it, I was not quite sure who won, and I definitely got lost in knowing what round it was at that point, but I think it might have been the prep team?  Anyways, the real point of this post was to call for a similar dodgeball competition at Pomona, because everyone knows dodgeball is the most awesome sport ever!  Plus, who knows, maybe we could get it broadcasted on ESPN8, The Ocho! (another “Dodgeball” reference.