Mudd Saturday Night Dinner

The best way to differentiate between a routine and a tradition is that a tradition is something that doesn’t falter under any circumstances.  Traditions are not things that stop for a while, then start back up; or things that you do when it it is convenient.  No.  Once traditions form, they are here to stay.  One of my favorite traditions last year with my sponsor group was going to Harvey Mudd for dinner on Saturday nights.

Sushi. Posole. Chicken Tikka. Doughnuts.  What’s not to love!?  Though the trek up to Mudd seems like a lot just for a meal, we never missed a Saturday.   Even in the pouring rain we trudged through puddles and flooded streets with the goal of the sushi line keeping us going.  Or when we all had tons of homework and didn’t have the extra 30 minutes in our busy schedules to walk up to Mudd, we made it work, having to stay awake extra late to get our work done.

Today marks the second Saturday of the new school year, and the second Saturday Mudd dinner of 2012-2013.  I’m happy to report that even with the 4 month break during the summer, my sponsor group (plus some auxiliary people who are always welcome to join in the tradition) has continued the Mudd dinner tradition. It didn’t feel like I was truly back until last Saturday when we all ate our sushi and posole together like old times.

Posole has never tasted so good. It’s true traditions like these that make thankful for my friends and my college experience as a whole.  Here’s to many more rolls of sushi.