Return to the Classics

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m in the Pomona College Orchestra.  Last night was our first rehearsal of the year, which was really quite exciting, (no, really, it was!) because orchestra here at Pomona is always a good time. 

Now, since I was abroad last semester, it was a bit weird to come back into orchestra—just as it was a bit weird to come back to Pomona since last semester I went somewhere very very new and exciting for school (more on that another day).  It didn’t feel like I had been gone from it, it just feels a little weird to return, especially since last semester they began a new rehearsal schedule that everyone else is already used to (i.e. I have to remind myself that it starts 15 minutes earlier!)  But in any case, we also got to welcome in the new people, which is also always fun, and this time I’m one of the oldest returning members (scary thought).  Plus this concert we have seven violas (seven!), which I think is possibly the biggest viola section I’ve ever played in, so that’s doubly exciting.

Then of course our conductor, Professor Lindholm, makes rehearsal lively and amusing.  So even though two of my awesomely-fun viola compatriots had to go and graduate, it looks like this year will still be great.  Plus, the music we’re playing is all Pomona related, since it’s the 125th anniversary—Founder’s Day—on our Sunday concert (October 14th at 3 pm!).  So, among other things, we’re playing Peter and the Wolf, a traditional children’s tale, and Cage’s 4’33”, which is literally four and a half minutes of silence.  Not yet sure how we’re going to rehearse that one.

Three cheers for classical music!