Why I Love the Hammock Garden

I have to admit that not much exciting has happened in my life in the days since my last post.  Being on Orientation Committee is wonderful, but while the first-years were on their orientation adventure trips, I had lots of time off.  It has been great to have time to set my room up, go to the gym, and enjoy the last few days of summer before my life becomes all about getting out of organic-chemistry lab before 7 pm and having time to eat breakfast before my neuroscience lecture.  In my spare time I’ve also loved walking around campus to look at all the improvements made during the summer, especially the hammock garden!

Hello!? We have a hammock garden!? How many college campuses can claim that!?

At first I didn’t understand my obsession, I mean yes it is pretty but isn’t it just a garden?  It did take the construction crews more than a year to landscape it, but I still don’t think I was expecting much more than a nice patch of grass.  I honestly didn’t think I could like Pomona’s campus anymore than I did (I mean I was already talking about getting married on Marston quad), but that was until I saw the hammock garden.

I think for me the garden reminds me that I go to school in a place that thinks of me as more than just a student.  Pomona College thinks of me as someone who, while yes spends most of her time studying, also deserves to relax and rest once in a while.  Walking by the garden reminds me of my vacations in Hawaii not of school.  I think that often times we forget to take a step back and appreciate the beauty around us. We are so busy running from class to class, finding time to study between meals, and if we are lucky getting some sleep, that everything else falls by the wayside.  The hammock garden, in all its relaxing beauty, reminds me to remember to find beauty in life no matter how busy I am.