Journal 4- English Courses Next Semester Sound Kind of Lame (to Me, a Potential English Major)

I apologize for the title.

Recently, Pomona students received an email from Margaret Adorno, which stated that the Spring 2013 course schedule is now available. Here is a piece of it, to be time-capsule-esque.

Greetings Students,

The spring 2013 course schedule is now available on My.Pomona.  Preenrollment takes place November 27-30.

Please make an appointment to meet with your advisor to discuss you spring courses.  You will need to be cleared by your advisor on my.Pomona in order to enroll at your appointment time.  You should meet with your advisor before Thanksgiving, because preenrollment begins as soon as we return after the Thanksgiving break.

After seeing the email, I immediately went to check the courses offered through the English department, and I was a bit disappointed. Not sure why–maybe the class titles don’t sound appealing to me! I’m planning to take one English course next semester, so I’d better get on deciding.

A sampling of a few English courses I might consider taking:
-British Novel, Behn to Austen
-Shakespeare, Comedies & Histories
-James Joyce
-Medieval and Renaissance Lit.

Besides these, I’m planning to take an intro to media studies course, chemistry, and maybe a math class to fulfill that Area Requirement called Mathematical Reasoning—maybe computer science instead—this is so uncertain—

How do I best plan for my future? Maybe I should take intro to linguistics instead for that other Area Requirement called Social Institutions and Human Behavior—but I think I’m getting an internship, so how do I make sure I have enough time for my life—

Ah, well. I do know that I want some English course on British literature, though. Firstly, I fancy that sort of thing. Secondly, guess who wants to study abroad at Cambridge? The Pomona study abroad page says “Preference will be given to candidates who have completed college coursework with British content.”

All right.