Journal 5- Thanksgiving Break, Movies, Black Friday Shopping

I’d looked forward to this weekend to catch up with old high-school friends who’ve left to college up in NorCal.

Firstly, though, there’s family to attend to during Thanksgiving. As I do every year, I had lunch at my grandparents’ house, which consists of turkey and some side dishes. Then for dinner there’s a deep-fried turkey and shrimp and stuff like that.

At about 8:50 p.m., my friend picked me up to go seeĀ Argo at Regal LA LIVE Stadium 14. We like being extravagant and going to far-away places to watch movies.

Some of the facade of the place. I couldn’t get far back enough to capture all of the part that is above the ticket counter.

Once there, after a 40-minute drive, we found a parking space in the parking structure located around the area. We entered the building, and this is what I saw.

Here is a nice concession stand on the first floor of the theater.
Here are the multiple floors of the theater.
Here is a view of the floor from the third story of the theater.

I’d never been to this place before, so I took some time to take in the view. Also, we were about 30 minutes early, so he took me around to explore.

This place has multiple concession stands. Here is my friend, buying popcorn on the third floor.

There are large windows you encounter that give you a nice view of the LA skyline while walking to your movie.

I want a nicer camera.

At any rate, the movie was great. Argo is one of those films where you’re kept in suspense most of the time, so a second viewing wouldn’t be as rewarding as the first one. My friend and I really enjoyed it… his selection of movies to watch is far superior than mine.

Does anyone have a thing where you watch a movie and want to do what’s in it? After Skyfall, I thought it’d be nice to be a spy. Now I think taking an international relations course next semester would be worthwhile, as well as one on film. It is time to knock off those Area Requirements.

As I left, I thought this part of the outside looked nice.

The movie ended at about 1:00 a.m. the next day, so it was Black Friday. We headed for the Ontario Mills mall for my first experience with Black-Friday shopping.

The mall gets crowded during Black Friday.

I learned that there are actual lines to enter stores, lots of security, lots of people, lots of lines everywhere, but lots of deals that aren’t so great after all. But, hey, it’s the experience that counts, right?

I shopped from about 2 a.m. till 5 a.m.

After I got home and went to bed, I went out again later that day to Victoria Gardens, then to Target. Guess who bought One Direction’s newest album?

My favorite purchase of Friday. This is the Deluxe Target edition of Take Me Home, only available at Target.

School starts on Monday. I’ll be sure to have it on replay once I return.