Why I Love Pomona, 1- We Are Close to LA

Last weekend, I learned what Katy Perry meant when she sang “Last Friday Night.” But I didn’t party. Ew, I don’t like partying that much, to be honest. I just went to…


I really like Southern California.

Friday, I went to Warner Bros studio in Burbank, with friends. I saw One Direction perform on the Ellen Degeneres show. Whoa! I love One Direction. Perhaps I will be on the television, dancing to the music that Ellen opens her show with.

One Direction performed in Gate 7. I was there, too; I was basically with One Direction.

Afterward, my friend’s dad drove us around the LA area, which I’m quite familiar with. He works in some part of the entertainment industry, so he took us into his work building—very fancy—and we got to go to the roof of it—very high up—and we got to see a great view of Hollywood and the LA skyline—very pretty.

A blurry view of the LA skyline, atop my friend’s dad’s work building.

On Saturday, nostalgic of the amazingness of the LA area, I decided to take a solo trip to make a return. Honestly, what drove me to do that was the chance of spotting One Direction on the streets of LA… that didn’t happen. But I did see this.

One Direction, in cardboard cut-out form. One day, I might buy these.

After walking aimlessly through Hollywood amid a bunch of tourists, I decided I’d watch a movie, because #yolo. Skyfall had just come out the day before, and I love myself a good movie. I left Hollywood and headed to Universal City.

Once there, I made my way to Universal Citywalk, got in line for the movie, and saw it. It was great. There’s nothing like watching a good movie among a crowd of strangers in the movie theater.

I found this and thought it appropriate to take a picture. Skyfall, the latest movie of the 007 series, happens to be the first 007 movie I’ve watched. Taken inside AMC Universal Citywalk Stadium 19.

By then, it was dark outside, and Citywalk is very pretty at night, with lights and everything. I got dinner.

This is the view of the entrance to the cinema as I left. These people probably were watching their movie as I ate Panda Express.

Here is how pretty it is.

This is where I watched my movie.

Really, though, I need a new camera.

At any rate, as I took my leave to catch my train home, I made sure to capture some iconic things.

Here is the sign to Universal City, around Universal Studios.


Here is LA city hall.


Here is the fountain at Grand Park.

Last Friday and Saturday night, do it all again