Happy Hanukkah!

One thing about being Jewish is that our holidays follow a lunar calendar.  This means that it is virtually impossible to predict when the holidays are going to fall.  This year I was sad because Hanukkah started on December 8 and ends on the 16th and I wasn’t going to be home to celebrate especially because finals week is right around the corner.

However, plans changed and I decided to come home for one night.  I’ve written before about how lucky I am to be a perfect distance away from home and how a 24 hour visit home is very doable.  Even though it is the weekend before the last week of class and I have lots of work, it was important to me to come home for my family’s annual Hanukkah party.

It is a time when I can see family I only see once or twice a year, play some dreidel, and arguably the most important: eat amazing food.  Hanukkah for me is a time for family traditions.  One of my favorite traditions is that when we light the menorah, we light it from youngest to oldest.  So the newborn baby twins will light first this year, and my grandfather will light last. Every year new additions to the family, babies and significant others, get to join in the tradition. I remember when I was too small to reach the menorah and now I’m helping my little cousins reach.

I should get back to the party, but Happy Hanukkah to all those who celebrate and may your week be filled with light from beautiful candles (or fake ones if you’re in the dorms 🙂 ).