Journal 8- Back Here Again

As Spring Semester begins, I frantically try to get classes. I decided I wanted to take the introductory psychology class and this history-of-photography thing last-minute. Maybe it’s because I had a few epiphanies over winter break—at any rate, I am going to continue showing up to these classes in the hopes of getting my PERMs approved so I may enroll. If all goes well, I’ll keep Shakespeare and intro to media studies.

Sitting in my dorm, I realize I have an official transcript here at Pomona. This is cool: I kind of wanted to come here since, like, forever ago, and now I have actual grades and a blogging stint. It feels like I just got here. But there’s something different!!!!! (Many things)

1) People are sick. I think it’s some flu thing that’s come to California from the eastern states. The people on California news were right.
2) There’s no Orientation Adventure to look forward to. I basically just got here last night, missed dinner, almost starved, went to bed, and woke up for class. Thankfully, there are cup noodles.
3) I actually know people. Immediately upon my return, before I even unpacked my belongings, I headed straight to visit friends. I am not a random freshman anymore.
4) I have a class at Scripps. If I keep it, I’ll talk about this sometime later in the future. I will note that there were many women.
5) There are a jumper and mechanical bull at Scripps.

I got a new camera
I got a new camera

And so we have it: I’m back here again. I don’t need to do anything differently. Obviously, I didn’t make mistakes last semester because I am perfect.