It’s admissions season, and I’ve spent a healthy chunk of time mentioning positive Pomona facts to prospective students on my tours, sitting in my classes, and wandering around campus.  One question that often bubbles up is about Claremont, and more specifically, its proximity to everything: the grocery store, Los Angeles, the beach, and Disneyland.

Last weekend, I got to practice what I preached, and popped into Anaheim at 7:30 AM for a 13-hour visit in Walt’s paradise.  The day before, I painstakingly extended a cash-filled-shaking hand and deposited it into Bob Igor’s fatty pocket (despite Pomona’s discount.)  Trying to swat that scene out of my mind, I spent the next day chasing my inner child and reveling in an opportune place to do it.

It’s a rule when purchasing property that a major consideration is location, location, location.  I’ll venture to say this isn’t quite as prominent a factor in choosing a college, but a great setting can’t hurt: