The Coast of Thailand in Photos

Note: I’ll be spending the first half of my summer in Thailand filming a documentary through a grant from Pomona College’s Pacific Basin Institute. If you’d like to read a little more about my project and PBI’s documentary grants, see all my posts here!

IMG_9559 IMG_9550 IMG_9534  IMG_9528 IMG_9524 IMG_9510 IMG_9503 IMG_9496 IMG_9491 IMG_9480 IMG_9472 IMG_9468 IMG_9465 IMG_9400 IMG_9379 IMG_9334 IMG_9323 IMG_9300 IMG_9287 IMG_9286 IMG_9263 IMG_9218 IMG_9210 IMG_9187 IMG_9184 IMG_9175 IMG_9171 IMG_9167 IMG_9158 IMG_9156 IMG_9150 IMG_9142 IMG_9123