Personal Spaces

On Saturday afternoon, I saw my friend’s room for the first time this year. “This is a little weird,” I told him. “I’ve never seen your room before.”

“What?” He looked shocked. “Sorry you’re seeing it like this.” We entered his room, which, though a little messy, was no worse than many other students’ rooms. After hanging out for a while, I left for a short siesta. I returned to my friend’s room several hours later to find everything cleaned and reorganized. Tapestries hung on the walls and objects stood perfectly placed on shelves and desks. A rug lay flat and dirt-free on the floor. My friend proceeded to explain that he had experienced an epiphany. His room, the place in which he spends the majority of his time, represents his personality and his values. He decided he wants to present himself in the most effective manner possible when inviting others into his space. Also, he wants his room to be a place in which he enjoys being and to inspire feelings of positivity and enjoyment.

As college students, we wake up every morning (or afternoon) in spaces we essentially create. We organize, decorate and furnish our rooms for various reasons—utility, aesthetics, etc. The result is a collection of very personal spaces that communicate an incredible amount about the personalities, values and characters of the inhabitants. Posters on walls, furniture pieces, photos and myriad objects speak volumes about each room’s resident. Consequentially, our rooms have the ability to add stress to our lives, or, conversely, to relax us. Our rooms may welcome others or may act as places to escape the bustle of campus. The spaces in which we live influence the ways in which we live.

After conversing with my friend, I returned to my own room to straighten up my space. I organized my closet, gave away clothes and finally finished hanging decorations. By the time I had finished, I felt much better. I now enjoy being in my space and enjoy inviting others into my space. This care for my room may not last, but for now, it definitely feels pretty good.

My Newly Organized Shelf