Dreaming of a Winter Wonderland

I awoke yesterday to a welcome sound: the steady beat of raindrops on my window. As a native Seattle-ite, I grew up despising rain. Now, tumultuous rainstorms remind me of childhood, of home, of memories and of family. Additionally, the rain serves as a reminder that autumn has arrived and winter will follow shortly.

With winter comes skiing.

Skiing at Mammoth Mountain
Skiing at Mammoth Mountain

Though many consider sunny, warm Southern California a surfer’s paradise, the area enjoys some of the best skiing in the country as well. Mammoth Mountain, ranked 14th best ski resort in the West by Ski Magazine, is a five-hour drive northeast of campus. Comparable to Aspen, Sun Valley, Jackson Hole and Squaw, Mammoth boasts some of the best terrain available in the United States. Powder days at Mammoth excite and challenge even the most jaded of expert skiers while flatter groomed runs near the base entertain casual snowbunnies. Furthermore, the Claremont Colleges rents a cabin by Mammoth Mountain every winter. The little A-frame holds a wood-burning fireplace, three comfy couches, a bunkroom, a kitchen area and storage for skis and boards. Both compact and cozy, the cabin is a perfect getaway for an off-campus weekend. Not to mention, the Mammoth Mountain regulars are a friendly and welcoming crowd.

Another ski option, Mountain High, is located roughly two hours from the 5C’s and provides a fun day of park skiing or boarding for those attempting to throw a few tricks. Even closer to campus, Mt. Baldy offers low-key skiing a mere half hour from campus. Baldy is perfect for those looking to enjoy a few hours of skiing after classes.

Perhaps to many Claremont students, a cold, blustery rainstorm is simply a cold, blustery rainstorm—an inconvenient, uncomfortable weather pattern requiring class-goers to wear raincoats and rubber boots. To the snow-enthusiasts of the Claremont Colleges, a cold, blustery rainstorm is an indicator of months of fun times to come, a promise of thrill and joy and exploration, a guarantee of a great winter filled with long, fulfilling days of skiing

Mammoth Mountain website: https://www.mammothmountain.com

Mountain High website: http://www.mthigh.com

Mt. Baldy website: http://summer.mtbaldyskilifts.com