Lazy Sundays

Walker Beach
Walker Beach

Saturday nights are great, but nothing compares to a lazy Sunday. Brunch at Pitzer or in the Village starts the day off deliciously and, coupled with a hot coffee, heals any lingering headaches. A stroll around Claremont Village and a walk through the Farmers’ Market is relaxing and pleasant. Not to mention, the Farmers’ Market offers plenty of delicious samples. After ambling around the village, a couple of hours laying in the sun, playing bocce ball on the lawn,  watching a Netflix movie or catching up with Claremont Confessions continues a gratifying day of idleness. Following these hours, an early dinner with the entire friend group provides an entertaining hour of  “stories from last night.” A Skype session with the family brings the day to a satisfying end. Occasionally, lazy Sundays are impossible because of work and other obligations, but, for the Sundays not dominated by work, laziness is definitely the most gratifying option.

A few of my favorite lazy Sunday spots:

  • Sliders at Some Crust (French bread, egg, avocado, bell peppers, tomatoes, cheddar cheese and pesto is my usual)
  • Bocce ball and brunch at Union on Yale
  • Sunbathing, volleyball or basketball at Walker Beach
  • Claremont Village Farmers’ Market
  • Lawn games by the new dorms
  • The courtyard outside the Pomona Art Museum
  • And of course, Netflix, pillows and blankets anywhere

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