The Library: A Tale of Redemption

Honnold-Mudd Library
Honnold-Mudd Library

Since the commencement of freshman year, I have entertained an inexplicable fear of the library. The stark silence, the rows of academic journals and books and the general feeling of tense anxiety have intimidated me beyond measure. I entered the library just once freshman year, experienced breathing difficulties and promptly turned around, never to return again.

That is, until last night.

As a junior, I have explored numerous study spaces. The Smith Campus Center living room, the Walker lounge and my own dorm room are among my favorite spots. I have felt perfectly content remaining in these spaces to complete essays and readings. Yet, yesterday evening, a desire for leisure reading materials led me to journey north towards the library. Taking a deep breath, I decided to enter the library for the first time since that fateful freshman year visit. Slightly overwhelmed at first, I asked the front desk employee where I could find enticing fictional reading materials. The front desk assistant advised that I consult the circulation desk on the second floor. I made my way to the second floor, where I promptly became lost in a side hallway. I eventually made my way out of the hallway and to the circulation desk. Timidly, I asked the circulation assistant where I might find a few enjoyable fictional reads. Very helpfully, he pointed me to a section on my left. I perused the section, and, to my surprise, found a large amount of enticing titles. I ended up spending nearly two hours flipping through novels, biographies, poem anthologies and novelettes, reading sections and either returning them to the shelves or stacking them in my “check-out” pile. After finally deciding on myriad books, I returned to the circulation desk smiling.

I have come to the conclusion that the library is not a building to be feared. In fact, the library may just be my new favorite spot on campus. The helpful assistants, the incredible selection of great books and the peaceful (not stark) quiet will have me regularly frequenting the library for many months to come. Nearly two and a half years after stepping onto Pomona’s campus, I finally faced my fears, only to discover the magnificence of Honnold-Mudd Library.