The Summer Job Search

“I got a summer internship!” crowed my suitemate last Friday night. Ecstatic, I congratulated and high-fived him. My first thought: incredible happiness for his success. My second: curiosity as to how I too may find such success.

Personally, I hope for a career in marketing/advertising, communication (journalism?) or art graphics. Though Pomona has no majors specifically designed to prepare students for these fields, the school supports these pursuits through majors like Media Studies, Studio Art, Sociology, Psychology and English, and further provides resources through the Career Development Office. Furthermore, Pomona alumni are particularly excited to discuss career options with current students and to provide them with internship and job opportunities. Following, a list of three aspects to help you land a great summer internship, research position or job:

1. Utilize Resources

Make an appointment at the Career Development Office, search for opportunities on ClaremontConnect and reach out to connections for potential prospects.

2. Amp Up Your Resume

Resumes should include basic information, education, skills, professional experience, activities and interests, organized in an aesthetically appealing and logical manner.

3. Write a Great Cover Letter

Write a cover letter explaining your desired position, the reasons for which you are interested in this position, relevant qualifications and contact information. Formatting is crucial when writing a cover letter (resources exist online).

Summer prospects, bring it on.