Tuesdays! Woah…

In honor of me successfully skating to my class in a single minute, to the bemusement of my classmates and wide-gawking eyes of forgotten Prospies (prospective students), I am writing this week’s entry about Tuesdays.

(This is my blog; I can honor myself. I’m not feeling sad today so let me enjoy myself.)

On the days when I don’t wake up to the sounds of lunch-goers enjoying themselves to a nice plate of “tacos” at Frank Dining Hall (while I’m stressing about having slept through ALL of my morning classes), I wake up to the sound of “Father Stretch My Hands pt. 1” playing from my iPhone, not to mention the miscellaneous texts of “Do you love this stuff?”, “Are you looking fly right now?, “Do you ever get nervous?” “I heard your hair has curls. Is it true?”

Questions with an obvious answer.

But anyways, I get out of bed, do my daily self-care routine (we’ll talk about this later) and I begin the thigh-burning uphill skate to my 10 a.m. French 2 class. I love — let’s use this tentatively —- French, but I hate waking up early, so you can understand my struggles with academia. One could even call it an “acadilemma” 😉 .

Mason Fountain

The building (Mason) that my class is in is the one in the back.

After French, I skate down Sixth Street towards my Intro to African American Psychology class at Pitzer. Sometimes I stop at the Coop Fountain and waste time or mosey around even though I only have 10 minutes to commute from distant and desolate Pomona to the far and unexplored reaches of Pitzer.  More examples of my disparities with academia.

Along the way I stop, to the relief of my quads, and take a walk between Pomona and Sontag Halls.


You can hopefully see why.

Once upon a time I skated through the driveway near CMC. I simply no longer do…

As I near Pitzer’s campus, I’m getting tired, there’s sweat on my back, I’m annoyed with having to avoid so many people, and I probably skipped breakfast so I’m hungry as the dickens, but I’ve most definitely been listening to some Thugga, so it’s whatever; I’m still smiling.

After Psych, I don’t usually eat at the Pitzer dining hall due to anxiety and the many many many staring eyes

Tuesdays are amazing because they are the only days when I’m not in a classroom from 10 till forever, so I at least try to relax.

The rest of my day (after 12:15. Psych ends at 12:15. There should be laws forbidding class from being longer than 30 min) often consists of just chiefing (RELAXING) with my friends, attempting to do more work, or just sleeping.

Thanks again.