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Note: While we have regular contributors, Voices is an open forum for all Pomona College students. Any student may apply to become a blogger at the beginning of each semester and the summer. See here for guidelines and application deadlines.

Voices: Spring 2016 Edition

David Ahia '18

David Ahia ’18

Coming straight to you from the Claremont area, it’s David Kuhio Ahia II, Art History major, transfer student, and your favorite blogger. Get ready to talk museums, movies, classes, Claremont-living and everything you need to know (but were too afraid to ask) about the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. And if you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like to go from a giant private research university to a cozy liberal arts college, you’ve come to the right blog.

Natasha Anis '19

Natasha Anis ’19

Hey—I’m Natasha, a first-year from Providence, Rhode Island! As the quintessential liberal arts student, my major is undecided, but I’m really interested in international relations and English. I have an avid love for coffee that has only intensified in college, and I will make the trek out to L.A. to explore new coffee options. I get excited about reimagining the criminal justice system, sustainable food, creative writing that explores unique cultural identities, dressing to express myself, and most of all, talking to other Pomona students about doing what they love! At Pomona, I’ve been involved with The Student Life, The Weekly Writing Workshop, Pomona Student Union, and 5C Prison Abolition Club.

Alison Choi '19

Alison Choi ’19

Hey everyone! I’m Alison, and I’m a first-year here at Pomona. I hail from the beautiful city of Hong Kong, and I’m super pumped to live the SoCal life. I am currently undecided on my major (eeeeek) but nonetheless, I am interested in History, FGSS (feminist, gender and sexuality studies), Spanish and Environmental Analysis. On campus, you can find me practicing with the 5C Field Hockey team, trying out the food at all the 5C Dining Halls, attempting to play a semi-pleasant sound on the alto saxophone in Thatcher or chilling with my awesome sponsor group!

Madeleine Colvin '16

Madeleine Colvin ’16

I’m Madeleine, a senior International Relations major from the Seattle area. When I’m not in classes, I lead a creative writing program for elementary school students, work at the Office of Study Abroad, lead On The Loose outdoor trips, raise succulents, and linger at breakfast for many hours. While I’ll be blogging about my senior year experience, check out my past blog posts for information about being a sponsor, studying abroad, art installations, doing fieldwork in China, and more!

Feather Flores '17

Feather Flores ’17

Hello—I’m Feather! I’m a junior and English/Politics double major from Monrovia, California (a cozy and somewhat obscure little suburb of Los Angeles). I’m currently studying abroad at the University of Cambridge, where I spend most of my time falling in love with cathedrals, getting lost in the tangled mess of winding streets, and appreciating the vast expanses of green (although I do miss the squirrels on Marston Quad). Things that make me happy (Europe edition): good Spotify playlists on long train rides, constellations on clear nights, and stray cats that solicit tummy rubs.

Ayza Ishaq '16

Ayza Ishaq ’19

I’m a freelance writer and blogger from Pakistan. I am obsessed with: legal thrillers, chai and poetry. I’m currently studying Economics and English.


Shayn Jackson

Shayn Jackson ’19

What’s the word? I’m Shayn, a Pomona first year from the Lou (a.k.a Saint Louis, Missouri). I put on my resume that I’m a computer science major, but my midterms could care less. I enjoy slang, chiefing (relaxing) with friends, and throwing stones at the windows of the system of institutionalized oppression (look this up yourself), but usually you can find me taking photos, writing somewhat aloof poems, and running around the 5Cs as apart of PPTF (track and field). And to answer your question: Yes, I intend to have fun on this blog, and no, I do not care.

Kyra Sanborn '17Kyra Sanborn ’17

Hello world! I’m Kyra Sanborn, also known as the pun-loving and Netflix-binging Sanbo of the swimming clan and another rising junior at Pomona. I am majoring in Economics and minoring in Media Studies–with the occasional computer science course mixed in. This summer and fall I will be exploring new waters, hoping to find Nemo in the land down under! My Melbourne study abroad program runs from July until November, so I’ve made quite the bucket list for my several months in Australia (bonus points for traveling to New Zealand and Southeast Asia!). I’m excited for my first time outside of the U.S., but I am just as excited to report back to my beloved sagehens at home. So cheers, mates!

Camille Sanchez '19Camille Sanchez ’19

I’m Camille, a first-year from Rockford, Illinois and self-proclaimed Queen of Snacks. I tell everyone I’m majoring in Economics, but honestly, who knows? In terms of intellectual pursuits, I like creating artwork related to body image, diversity, and/or the female figure. My other interests include making people laugh through comics, joking about postmodernism, gorging on Asian food, and watching cartoons instead of practicing my Chinese. If you see me biking on campus, please get out of the way as I am terrible at steering and might accidentally run you over.

Eron Smith '16

Eron Smith ’16

Hi! I’m Eron (ear-in), and I’m a senior music major from Decatur, Georgia. This semester, I’m busy writing the beginnings of my music theory thesis. I’m also a pianist, and I play the oboe in the Pomona College Orchestra and Band. Outside music, I like studying foreign languages and taking the occasional philosophy course. I’m a talkative introvert (small-group-vert?), a feminist, a family gal, a cat person, and a precocious curmudgeon. When I have free time, I spend it chatting, playing board games or D&D with friends, going on walks, drinking alarming quantities of fruit juice, road-tripping across the continent, lifting weights, and/or baking. I’ll be blogging mostly about thesis struggles, music life, and my senior experience.

Jordan Wong '18

Jordan Wong ’18

Hey, friends! I’m Jordan and I’m a sophomore from San Francisco, California. (For those of you from the Bay, I’m from the city – with the Snapchat filter and everything!) I’m majoring in Linguistics and Cognitive Science (on the linguistics track), but I’m on track to double major in Politics as well. When I’m not making a nighttime run to Half & Half (this is not a sponsored message) or in the middle of a six hour drive to a mock trial tournament, you might find me on campus wasting time in the LingCogSci lounge in Edmunds, singing along to Disney songs (or at least attempting to), or holed up in my room binge-watching my current TV addiction (GoT, anyone?).

April Xiaoyi Xu '18

April Xiaoyi Xu ’18

Hello! This is April Xiaoyi Xu, a sophomore planning to major in Politics/IR and minor in Spanish. On campus, you can find me hosting the Oldenborg Luncheon Colloquiums, editing articles for various publications (Claremont Port Side, Journal of Law and Pulic Policy, and the Keck Journal), furiously writing my own blog posts for off-campus publications (hopefully at least a couple of days before they are due), planning the next speakers series, newscasting for KSPC, contradancing, working for the Communications Office, and sharing some fun moments with friends (often by hunting down the best food across the 5Cs).

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