Junior Year Semester One Reflections: Debussy, and a Memo for My Future Self

The gentle softness. A dialogue where the two of them find phrases slipping naturally out of their inner souls, flowing, overlapping with each other at times and pausing for a restful break at others… That sheer sense of indescribable serendipity and relaxation that render you speechless: a quiet observer to this brave new world where you anticipate the unknown rises and falls....
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Story of Body at 19

Yo, so I was working on another piece all week, but I got in my feels and wrote this instead. Sorry to be heavy two weeks in a row. :)   Story of Body at 19 Years A Spoken Word by Shayn Jackson Father taken at six. Returned at sixteen, And stolen at seventeen. My body is beautiful. Praying to a Savior since seven. Catching the bus since eleven. Waiting in the c...
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Student Recitals and Other Adventures

credit to the "Chopin and Liszt" comic by Hark! a Vagrant
The first student recital of the 2015-2016 academic year happened on Wednesday, October 28th. It’s no secret that performance is not particularly my favorite activity and not especially my strong suit (due to stage fright and a propensity for unnecessarily dramatic facial expressions…), so I’m thoroughly pleased to report that not only did I perform in said recital, but also th...
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A Study in Bread: My First Weeks in Paris

300-year-old covered passage feat. Andrea!
A few days ago, I was eating lunch in the local boulangerie when a man came in and yelled, “Five baguettes, s’il vous plait!” Needless to say, we were all impressed. At that moment, I decided to dedicate my second blog post to my first impressions of France, using my handy-dandy baguette experience scale. One baguette: This could totally be America. Five baguettes: Vive la Fran...
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MERGED: Art & Identity

A few weeks ago, a few friends and I submitted an art project entitled MERGED to The Balcony art show. It was my first time participating in an art show at Pomona, and it was a really neat experience. (I might be overblowing my role in the project -- mostly I connected the people who thought up and designed the project, helped write the artist statement, then showed up to a...
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47 Reasons Why Pomona is a Special Place

My sponsor group at the Walker Wall painting during Orientation Week!
One of the opportunities the Office of Admissions offers first-year students is the chance to be a Student Ambassador. After you apply, eight first-year students are chosen to give tours, host prospective students, coordinate events for the tour guide and overnight host programs, and collaborate with the Office of Admissions on other projects. The tour guiding aspect of bein...
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TEDxClaremontColleges: Open to Interpretation

Pictured are my friends Rachel Song (PO '18) and Carly Grimes (PO '18) smiling after a long but successful event!
"Hi! Have you heard about TEDxClaremontColleges? It's a local TED conference held on March 7th!" As I was handing out palm cards for TEDxClaremontColleges, an event put on by volunteers from the 7C's (5 undergraduate schools and 2 graduate universites), I faced many hesitant hands. "Uh... yeah I think I've seen some posters around? Isn't that the videos and stuff?" ...
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The Stress of De-stressing: Events at Pomona

Finals week: when picking a de-stressing event is the most stressful aspect of trying to de-stress. The hardest part about finals isn't really those impending exams and assignments - it's all the beautiful creative performances and events that I'm missing out on when I stay in to finish a Computer Science test program (essentially a take-home midterm to program SpaceInvaders...
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Experiences of an Education Enthusiast

I sighed, pushed my chair back with the back of my knees, and stood up. I placed one hand behind my back, looking down at my sketch one last time before diving into my 15-second interpretative dance. Fifteen quizzical faces - expressing a combination of confusion, interest, and delight - looked back at me as I used one finger to draw swirls in the air. No, this was not f...
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A Major in Music and a Minor Identity Crisis

I’ve heard so many stories and jokes surrounding the indecisiveness of the majorless first-year, those lost liberal-artsers who constantly change their interests, take courses from every department possible, and woefully declare the hopelessness of their future. The good news is that all of these confused first-years eventually find something they love or something at which the...
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