Three Places, Three Projects: A Research-Filled Summer

A fun, research-filled summer
   A crew of businessmen and businesswomen all dressed in black and white, confidently prancing their way down the Mid-Level Escalators while their clones emerge from various corners of the street, including the ‘underground’. A sunlit sandy beach, mysterious societies of men who pledge their allegiance to the glorious local gastronomic scene, a surreal land where imagina...
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5 Weird Bathroom Things I Do at College that I Never Had to Worry About at Home

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Since coming back to campus, I've once again had to get used to communal bathrooms. I no longer have the luxury of having a bathroom all to myself, with a lock and everything, where I can sit on the toilet scrolling through my phone for hours on end. After much reflection, here are the top 5 (only 5?) weird bathroom things I do at college that I never had to worry about at home...
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A Wild Professor Chase: On Office Hours

If you were to dive into my iCal or folders, you would be sure to find tons of documents labeled “OH”. It’s not an exclamation, as much as I am always excited about it. Instead, “OH” is my abbreviation for Office Hours, a particularly defining element of my college experience. Somehow, I’ve always had a romanticised picture in my mind of what Office Hours would be like: a co...
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VOICES phdcomic
“Goodbye! We love you! Safe travels! See you at graduation!” This is how my grandparents saw me off after our winter visit together. There’s really not much use denying it any more: I will (hopefully) be graduating from college in 2016. It’s a pretty chilling feeling to watch the ball drop on a new year that matches your “Class of.” As I’ve written somewhat melodramatically ...
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On Going Home: Confronting a Stigma

After Thanksgiving break, Professor Hentyle Yapp asked my Gender & Women's Studies class how our breaks had been. People raised their hands, describing adorable family traditions or delicious family recipes. Several people had seen the new Hunger Games movie with their families over the break. After a couple minutes, Hentyle gently ended the discussion, noting that while it...
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Our Beloved World: First-Year Book Brings Pomona Community Together

A standing ovation. Cheers, claps; claps, cheers, followed by even more cheers and claps… Each year, Pomona College selects a “first-year book” that incoming first-years discuss with peers and faculty members during Orientation Week, and invites the author to visit campus in October. This year’s assigned book was none other than Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s autobi...
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A Study in Bread: My First Weeks in Paris

300-year-old covered passage feat. Andrea!
A few days ago, I was eating lunch in the local boulangerie when a man came in and yelled, “Five baguettes, s’il vous plait!” Needless to say, we were all impressed. At that moment, I decided to dedicate my second blog post to my first impressions of France, using my handy-dandy baguette experience scale. One baguette: This could totally be America. Five baguettes: Vive la Fran...
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A Less Than Romantic Countdown to the Most Romantic City in the World

Cecil and Teddie
T minus 7 days: Today, it hit me. You know the feeling (especially you Class of 2019ers). That thing you’ve been waiting an eternity for is almost here. Whoa. The emotions thunder in: joy and sadness, anticipation and anxiety. Do I jump for joy, run and hug my cat, devour some peanut butter? The peanut butter, definitely (justification: it’s really hard to find in France...
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My very tolerant fellow Mount Baldy hikers (who are considerably more fit)
Chirps is up and running, and I’m copying my assigned readings for the semester to my master to-do list. In the dorms without air conditioning, we’re running fans and shutting windows. The ensembles are auditioning. People aren’t dropping classes quite yet. Posters for open houses are popping up everywhere. Welcome to the fall semester! The class of 2019 is settling in, ...
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What Makes a Home? Finding a Piece of Pomona in Cambridge, MA

The amazing roommates who made my summer unforgettable and our dirty frat house quad a warm, welcoming home.
I felt like Goldilocks in my weeklong exploration of New York City’s wild concrete jungle and Northern Vermont’s wild lush greenery. After returning to cozy Cambridge, Massachusetts, I allowed myself a good stretch and a happy sigh that said, “I just experienced wild on two different extremes, but this is where I feel at home. This middle ground is where I’d like to be.” The...
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