“Which way to Pomona?”: One Admitted Student’s Experience

I was excited. I was going to be touring, for the first time, the place I would be spending my next four years at. After months of touring schools, writing endless supplemental essays, pouring over those massive I-dare-you-to-lift-me-with-one-hand college information textbooks, and interviewing with alumni and current students, my search was over. Pomona College had accepte...
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A Wild Professor Chase: On Office Hours

If you were to dive into my iCal or folders, you would be sure to find tons of documents labeled “OH”. It’s not an exclamation, as much as I am always excited about it. Instead, “OH” is my abbreviation for Office Hours, a particularly defining element of my college experience. Somehow, I’ve always had a romanticised picture in my mind of what Office Hours would be like: a co...
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Studying Abroad in Melbourne, Australia: Being an Athlete Abroad

One of my main/only concerns with going abroad initially was my sport. Swimming has been such an integral aspect of my college experience, from the exercise worked into my daily schedule to the close bonds I developed with my team. I was nervous about leaving the comfort, support, and structure of my friend group and of the daily routine swimming provided me. I wondered, would ...
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Waiting: On Choosing Colleges

The second thing no one tells you when you try to transfer schools: If waiting for college decisions in high school is painful, waiting for decisions as a transfer student is agony. Those of you considering early decision at Pomona College have already begun waiting. Those considering regular decision will start waiting soon. You will have about a month and a half until the go...
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Studying Abroad in Melbourne, Australia: The Flight, the Frenzy, and the Folly

Exploring Queenscliff with new friends!
G'day mates! I write from the beautiful but rather cold city of Melbourne, Australia to report back my (hopefully) numerous and fantastic adventures during my study abroad semester! My term starts near the end of July, (we have various orientations to take up the time before then), and ends mid-November, so I have plenty of time to travel around and get a feel of the Aussie ...
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5 Weird Things about California, via 5 Weird Things about Boston

A snippet of Spanish Colonial Revival architecture.
“Weird” is an extremely relative term, especially when 18 years of your life were spent in a single subculture of a single California suburb. This summer, I decided to step outside the normality of perpetual sunshine and for the first time in 12+ years, head to the East Coast.  Approximately five minutes after exiting the doors of Logan International Airport, all I could...
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Loneliness at Pomona

A self-portrait from one of my more stressful moments last semester
College gets a lot of marketing. Besides the shiny brochures you’re probably all getting in the mail, there are media stereotypes about college life, reputations of college organizations in the news, and so many more sources portraying "what college life is like." If you have a family member who’s attended college, maybe they’ve talked to you about their college friends ...
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9 Questions to Ask at any College Interview/Campus Tour*

Yeah, any college can hand you a glossy brochure and entice you to attend that school. But what questions can you ask to REALLY find out more?
After reading many articles with a title identical to that of this post, I realized that these articles often suggested questions helpful to a broad audience, even though each college applicant is different and thus has different priorities and needs. So I did some soul-searching about what I really wanted. Personally, what I came to appreciate about a school was not its qu...
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OMGGGG: You’ve Been Admitted!

This is a post for all of the no longer "prospective students" but  for the future attendees of some of the best and most elite colleges and universities in the country. I know you all are about to embark on a monthlong breakdown full of college admitted student day trips, getting to know new people and places, [insert college name here] Class of 2019 Facebook group notificatio...
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The Life-Changing Decision Pants

We see you! ‘Tis the season for prospective students, and sure enough, here you are! You’re walking around campus, going on tours, clutching maps, and carrying or wearing admissions paraphernalia. You are equipped with your nicest business-casual interview outfits and nervous-looking parents, trying to get a read on different schools and whether you might see yourself th...
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