Three Places, Three Projects: A Research-Filled Summer

A fun, research-filled summer
   A crew of businessmen and businesswomen all dressed in black and white, confidently prancing their way down the Mid-Level Escalators while their clones emerge from various corners of the street, including the ‘underground’. A sunlit sandy beach, mysterious societies of men who pledge their allegiance to the glorious local gastronomic scene, a surreal land where imagina...
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Dear Internship Coordinator: The Untold Truths of My Cover Letter

Kyra Sanborn 4 Privet Drive Little Whinging, Surrey - 95864 Ÿ- 916.867.5309 Ÿ   Some date that makes it look like I haven't been working on this cover letter for 3 weeks, 2016   Big Giant Company 4700 If Only Rd, I Wonder if Oprah Lived Here Once, CA 99999   Dear Internship Coord...
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Jobs on Campus

As a college senior, I have been thinking a lot about jobs. Real jobs. Work. Employment. A career. However you put it, it's anxiety-inducing and terrifying and something I get asked about way more often than I'd like. Post-graduation job plans are a topic I want to avoid talking about 99% of the time. Including now. So instead of talking about so-called real, nine-to-five, I'm-...
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So What Exactly Do I Do Here at Princeton?

When I first stepped onto Princeton's castle-like campus, I was in awe of all the beauty, all of the ivy, and all of the greenery. If you walk down to South campus, you will stumble onto a beautiful river tucked into the woods. If you go up to North campus, you will reach the notoriously affluent Nassau street (not so friendly to my wallet). I am currently living in Bloombe...
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Independence at Pomona, via Summer in Cambridge

The Cambridge city skyline, as seen from the Boston side of the Charles River.
Grapefruits are bittersweet, right? After weeks of searching for an analogy to accurately depict my thrilling rollercoaster of a summer, I have settled on a fruit whose mixed taste is representative of my feelings at the moment. It is a bittersweet day leaving Boston. (Well, Cambridge technically. For two months, I lived and worked across the Charles River from one of New En...
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The Publishing Saga, or What I Do

"So... What exactly do you do?" I have been asked this question so many times in the past nearly-two months, but I still have yet to come up with an eloquent, concise, comprehensive answer. People are usually looking for no more than a 30-second response to this question, but I still haven't found an explanation short enough, aside from "Everything, honestly," or "Um, editor...
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Welcome to New York

As of approximately 6:45 pm EST today, I will have survived being in New York for a full week. Honestly, I have no idea (1) how everything that's happened / that I've done in the past seven days has encompassed only seven days, or (2) how I ended up here in general. No, really. I have no idea how any of it actually happened, and at this point I've pretty much given up tryin...
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47 Reasons Why Pomona is a Special Place

My sponsor group at the Walker Wall painting during Orientation Week!
One of the opportunities the Office of Admissions offers first-year students is the chance to be a Student Ambassador. After you apply, eight first-year students are chosen to give tours, host prospective students, coordinate events for the tour guide and overnight host programs, and collaborate with the Office of Admissions on other projects. The tour guiding aspect of bein...
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Developing Professional Skills as a First-Year Student (Part 2)

The Pomona chapter of the Quest Scholars Network! QuestBridge is a national organization that services low income and first generation students.
When I originally planned to write Part 2 of this series (you can find Part 1 here), I wanted to discuss more Career Development Office programs: the Pomona College Internship Program (PCIP) and the Summer Experience Funding Program. However, since I’m still in the application process for some of these programs, I thought it’d be more fitting to share how the experiences and...
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What Are College Summers Like?

It's that time of year -- everyone seems to be anxiously applying to programs/internships/jobs/research positions/funding etc. Over Family Weekend, standing in front of my CDO Summer Experience Funding poster, I fielded tons of questions from eager parents of first-year students. I've been asked the vague questions "Where do you want to be this summer?" and "What are your s...
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