A Declaration of “Major” Importance

Second-year undergraduate students in the U.S. have a special item on our checklist: declaring a major. To me, the word “declare” sometimes sounds a little grandiose in a comical way: something solemn, resembling the Declaration of Independence, maybe? Yet, “declaring a major” is also important, somewhat daunting, and often accompanied by much pressure. Indeed, “decl...
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A Semester of Classes I Loved

Classes ended on December 9, and I can now say with certainty that this was the best semester I've ever had in terms of classes. As a senior who has already completed all of my general education and International Relations major requirements, I had a ton of freedom in choosing my classes this semester. I ended up with four amazing classes, which I will summarize here for you: ...
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Student Recitals and Other Adventures

credit to the "Chopin and Liszt" comic by Hark! a Vagrant
The first student recital of the 2015-2016 academic year happened on Wednesday, October 28th. It’s no secret that performance is not particularly my favorite activity and not especially my strong suit (due to stage fright and a propensity for unnecessarily dramatic facial expressions…), so I’m thoroughly pleased to report that not only did I perform in said recital, but also th...
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A Summary of Sophomore Year

dramatic thinking
The end of another great year is upon us, and as everything winds down to final projects, papers, exams, and abundant last-minute senior sales, I cannot help but reflect on the moments that defined my sophomore year. These past two semesters were filled with ups and downs, each week as volatile and capricious as an episode of Grey's Anatomy. You see, sophomore year is an...
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A Last Lecture on the Liberal Arts

Yes, there is an alarmingly eminent crisis in the general view on liberal arts values. Yes, fewer and fewer people appreciate our well-rounded educational experience while certain approaches herald more pre-professional paths as practical, and thus more worthwhile. But what else has been said in support of the liberal arts education? "The technology issues facing us today—issu...
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Freshwoman Year Pt. II: A Quick Reflection

’Tis Spring Break! My parents are here, visiting me from China. As we drive around the Golden State from SoCal to NorCal in the next few days, I (rather ambitiously) plan to read a few books, get my homework done, write some more blog entries, and get back to some of my friends (feeling guilty about not maintaing email chains during the busy academic year). A brief summa...
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The Major Limbo

This blog is for all my underclassmen, especially sophomores, who I know are going through the process of declaring a major, or for anyone else stuck with major decisions (that's punny). It is very hard for many people to choose their college major. Statistics show that 50%-70% of students change their majors at least once, and most will change majors at least th...
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Ringing in the New Semester

There are some moments at Pomona that have been truly essential to my experience - moments that cannot be conveyed adequately on any pamphlet or website - and it's those moments that I missed sorely when I was gone. Although I, as many others, arrived to Pomona after an exhausting chain of travels (bus! train! airplane! then MetroLink!), hearing the squeals of excitement as...
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A Major in Music and a Minor Identity Crisis

I’ve heard so many stories and jokes surrounding the indecisiveness of the majorless first-year, those lost liberal-artsers who constantly change their interests, take courses from every department possible, and woefully declare the hopelessness of their future. The good news is that all of these confused first-years eventually find something they love or something at which the...
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Reading on Rainy Days: How to Know You’re in the Right Major

Never gets old
Because I've lived all my life in Southern California, where life moves quickly in perpetual forward motion, rainy days feel like free passes to me. Waking up on a day where the sky is gray and the air feels slow and thick with rain makes me feel like everything that was so important yesterday can wait to be accomplished when the sun comes out again. On rainy days, all I wa...
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