Remember the Sagehens

kyra swimmy
SCIAC To some, this simple acronym may seem rather underwhelming. It may sound vaguely suggestive of some reject allergy medication, or perhaps the newest dieting trend (likely focusing on eating cardboard flavored paste and/or avoiding meat, dairy, sugar, and anything else remotely edible). To me, and I think many others, it means so much more. It means four days o...
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How Posse at Pomona Changed My Life

Posse Miami and friends!
When my roommate told me she was part of the “Miami Posse,” I hadn't yet heard of Posse. I found out that Posse Foundation is a great program that selects groups of public high school students across America to attend universities on full scholarship. These cohorts are comprised of intelligent and promising students who may be overlooked by the traditional college application...
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Orientation Adventure: Starry Nights, New Friends and Forest Cows

At four in the morning, me and thirteen other Pomona first-years woke up to bid our sponsor groups, bathrooms and comfy beds farewell, embarking on a journey that would kickstart our first year of college: Orientation Adventure (OA). As part of the Pomona orientation experience, all first-years go on an outdoor trip of their choice, ranging from backpacking (my trip!) to sea ...
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High-Adrenaline Sports at Pomona: Room Draw

An example of a floor map with different kinds of housing options
Iiiiiiiiit’s MAY on the Pomona campus (well, and everywhere else)! The weather has been getting hotter, and many of us are running low on sleep, motivation, and Flex. I won’t lie; things are pretty stressful for a lot of students right now. Yes, it’s now Finals Season, but before spring finals comes the uncertainty of What’s-Happening-Next-Year Season. We’re gearing up to g...
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Food, Glorious Food

easy a yum2
College can be rough. Sometimes balancing academics, internships, clubs, applications, jobs, athletics, and that sliver of a social life is terribly and inconveniently overwhelming. Those activities that once constituted as pleasure become obligations, and stressful ones at that. It is difficult, when in this state of seemingly perpetual stress, to smell the roses. So what can ...
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OMGGGG: You’ve Been Admitted!

This is a post for all of the no longer "prospective students" but  for the future attendees of some of the best and most elite colleges and universities in the country. I know you all are about to embark on a monthlong breakdown full of college admitted student day trips, getting to know new people and places, [insert college name here] Class of 2019 Facebook group notificatio...
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Resources at Pomona

Pomona always has so many great resources to offer
A new land. A new territory. A new adventure…  Everything will be new, or so it seems. I can imagine, if you are a newly admitted student, how complicated your feelings must be. You are excited, you are overwhelmed, and you are nervous as you prepare to bid farewell to your high school career and move on to college. If you are an international student, you might feel even mo...
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47 Reasons Why Pomona is a Special Place

My sponsor group at the Walker Wall painting during Orientation Week!
One of the opportunities the Office of Admissions offers first-year students is the chance to be a Student Ambassador. After you apply, eight first-year students are chosen to give tours, host prospective students, coordinate events for the tour guide and overnight host programs, and collaborate with the Office of Admissions on other projects. The tour guiding aspect of bein...
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“We Should Totally Get a Meal Sometime”: The Seven Lunches You’ll Eat at Pomona

It's very exciting to arrive first at Frank
It may come as a surprise to some people, but there’s a lot of work to be done in college. Papers, lab reports, readings, projects, paperwork, applications… We students are a busy bunch. Some (unfortunately for their schedules) are also very extroverted and social. During the week, it can be extremely difficult to find time for everything you want to do -- either you lose sleep...
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Around the World in 90 Minutes

Have you ever wanted to sample cultural foods from around the world (fasnetsscherben, okonomiyaki salmorejo, bhajia za dengu, 烧卖(燒賣)... mmmm!), learn simple phrases in 10 different languages from native speakers, find out which German city suits you the best, receive a hand-written card in Spanish, and meet King Cyrus, all without worrying about travel expenses and taking too m...
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