Strolling along Seashores: A ‘Taste’ of Spain

Take one step forward with your left foot — a small step suffices. Oh, no flip flops from this point on, please. Feel that delicate texture embracing your foot with such warmth and subtle sounds of acceptance. Another step forward with your right foot, and you experience a marvelous balance. Savour that sensation.  You tilt your head slightly, feel your long hair lifting...
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Three Places, Three Projects: A Research-Filled Summer

A fun, research-filled summer
   A crew of businessmen and businesswomen all dressed in black and white, confidently prancing their way down the Mid-Level Escalators while their clones emerge from various corners of the street, including the ‘underground’. A sunlit sandy beach, mysterious societies of men who pledge their allegiance to the glorious local gastronomic scene, a surreal land where imagina...
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Blank Narratives p.1 \_(ツ)_/

{ Disclaimer: Some of you may read this and think: "I don't see the problem with what Mr.Nicepsychologist wrote. He must have some validity right, ma?" Words to which Ma will respond: "Correct my sweet, he is right indeed." If that is your reaction to this, then I implore you to open your mind and get ready for a wild ride. }   While doing research for ...
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On Leaving China

Last Monday, I woke up at 4 AM and proceeded to spend the next 24 hours traveling via bus, plane, and car, finally arriving in my hometown of Seattle, Washington. I was not ready to leave to leave China. It felt wrong to suddenly rip myself from the life I'd built for myself in Kunming. I was getting used to life in my apartment, building friendships I cared about, feeli...
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Coming Soon to Theaters: A Paper, a Poster, and My Last Year of College

Studying in the music library (before my headphones malfunctioned)
Here we are in August, and this has probably been one of the fastest summers of my life. I can tell because a lot of things that I’ve been mentally logging as “future” are suddenly up close and personal. August means: the end of SURP, which in turn means: a sizable research paper, clumsily starting to take form a presentation poster, which I know will be rectangul...
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So What Exactly Do I Do Here at Princeton?

When I first stepped onto Princeton's castle-like campus, I was in awe of all the beauty, all of the ivy, and all of the greenery. If you walk down to South campus, you will stumble onto a beautiful river tucked into the woods. If you go up to North campus, you will reach the notoriously affluent Nassau street (not so friendly to my wallet). I am currently living in Bloombe...
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Fieldwork in China, or a Huge, Frustrating, Dynamic, Messy Learning Process

My past couple posts have focused on my experiences traveling in China, but haven't really touched on my academic research, which is the whole reason I'm here! With absolutely zero fieldwork experience and minimal preparation (see my post on Preparing to Do Research Abroad, which describes my research topic and preparation process), I hopped on a plane to China. I figure...
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There ARE Black Beans in this Country, or the Impact We Have on the World Around Us

Noisy miner, so not a bell miner, but related
Brief update from my previous post: I FOUND BLACK BEANS. I heard rumors that black beans occasionally grace the shelves of the nicer grocery stores, and we finally had a chance to go this week. They were expensive, so I was only allowed to buy one can using our grant money, but I take what I can get. Anyway, on to the next topic. Since my position as a field technicia...
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Making Money, Then Spending It on Fruit Juice

When the kitchen is all the way down the hall, you have to use your resources for baking
Here I am, almost halfway through my summer project already! Time flies here on campus, especially with not as many students around and no homework to do. My research has progressed to its intermediate stages, and summer living is settling into somewhat of a routine. I’m managing to pick up some extra odd jobs here and there on top of my SURP stipend, so my finances are loo...
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5 Discoveries About Traveling Alone

I'm doing independent, pre-thesis research in China, and a byproduct of that is traveling on my own. Before I arrived in China, I was excited about the research and the going-to-China parts, but much less excited at the prospect of being alone for such a long period of time. I'm not one of those people who needs much "me time" and I thrive when I'm around people. On top of that...
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