M.A.id in Waiting: Applying to Graduate School

VOICES phdcomic
“Goodbye! We love you! Safe travels! See you at graduation!” This is how my grandparents saw me off after our winter visit together. There’s really not much use denying it any more: I will (hopefully) be graduating from college in 2016. It’s a pretty chilling feeling to watch the ball drop on a new year that matches your “Class of.” As I’ve written somewhat melodramatically ...
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A Semester of Classes I Loved

Classes ended on December 9, and I can now say with certainty that this was the best semester I've ever had in terms of classes. As a senior who has already completed all of my general education and International Relations major requirements, I had a ton of freedom in choosing my classes this semester. I ended up with four amazing classes, which I will summarize here for you: ...
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How to Make Friends?

(I try to balance my blog posts between academics and social life to appropriately represent my experience at Pomona so far. Currently, I’m uncomfortably close to my first thesis deadline and would rather not talk about that, so social life it is!) Something that will happen to you a lot at Pomona is the Friend-Crush™. Arriving my first year, I was astonished at the sheer numb...
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My very tolerant fellow Mount Baldy hikers (who are considerably more fit)
Chirps is up and running, and I’m copying my assigned readings for the semester to my master to-do list. In the dorms without air conditioning, we’re running fans and shutting windows. The ensembles are auditioning. People aren’t dropping classes quite yet. Posters for open houses are popping up everywhere. Welcome to the fall semester! The class of 2019 is settling in, ...
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Coming Soon to Theaters: A Paper, a Poster, and My Last Year of College

Studying in the music library (before my headphones malfunctioned)
Here we are in August, and this has probably been one of the fastest summers of my life. I can tell because a lot of things that I’ve been mentally logging as “future” are suddenly up close and personal. August means: the end of SURP, which in turn means: a sizable research paper, clumsily starting to take form a presentation poster, which I know will be rectangul...
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Life as a Low-Income, First-Generation Student

Kermit Rodriguez
When I first entered Pomona College I wasn't entirely sure what my identity as a first-generation, low-income student was. Most of the time at my somewhat elite high school, class was never brought up and was something I was always trying to suppress. I often felt ashamed when I couldn't afford the latest fashion trends, or left out when people would talk about the places they ...
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Around the World in 90 Minutes

Have you ever wanted to sample cultural foods from around the world (fasnetsscherben, okonomiyaki salmorejo, bhajia za dengu, 烧卖(燒賣)... mmmm!), learn simple phrases in 10 different languages from native speakers, find out which German city suits you the best, receive a hand-written card in Spanish, and meet King Cyrus, all without worrying about travel expenses and taking too m...
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For the Prospective International Student (Especially Those of Asian Descent)

All of you are hereby expelled, sorry. One million years dungeon!!!!
(Source: https://www.claremont-courier.com/cms_uploads/sf.Pomona-Run-9_.jpg)
I am Yttrium Sua, a senior double majoring in anthropology and environmental analysis. I come from the tropical island-nation of Singapore and I spent my junior year abroad in Kyoto, Japan. In my post, I hope to provide another perspective, to relate some of the things I have been exposed to during my 4 years in college and in the US – things I have experienced as a Pomona C...
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Discarding Convention: Embodying the Liberal Arts

We, earnest advocates and defenders of the artes liberales, are destined for a crossroads; whether it is acknowledged or avoided or completely suppressed, it is there before us - a critical intersection, where all undergraduates invariably converge, where the "real world" becomes visible on the L.A. horizon. Some Pomona students - those of optimistic tendencies - imagine thi...
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Ode to Taco Tuesday

There are many perks to sticking around campus after graduation. Abandoned furniture post-move out, continued printing access, and the air conditioned Smith Campus Center Living Room rank high on the list, but none can compare to my return to Taco Tuesday at Frank. The esteemed Taco Tuesday was not always on my radar as a student. Rather, much like my Southern heritage, ...
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