Food, Glorious Food

College can be rough. Sometimes balancing academics, internships, clubs, applications, jobs, athletics, and that sliver of a social life is terribly and inconveniently overwhelming. Those activities that once constituted as pleasure become obligations, and stressful ones at that. It is difficult, when in this state of seemingly perpetual stress, to smell the roses. So what can ...
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PE… in College?!

An aerial view of Strehle Track and the field where my Ultimate Frisbee class took place!
Before college, my experience with Physical Education (PE) classes was limited to synchronized warm-up exercises, running laps around tracks and fields, and the occasional treat of basketball/flag football/fill-in-the-blank ball. When I began perusing Pomona’s course catalog and general education requirements the summer before my first year, I stumbled upon the PE requiremen...
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Southern in Southern California

Regional difference was something I expected to be a challenge when I came to California. I love it here at Pomona College, but even the college recognizes its lack of representation of students from the South. In welcoming the Class of 2018, the admission office celebrates "a particularly strong increase in students from the South [+45%]." Of course, the percentage increased m...
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What Pomona Isn’t

Pomona is an incredible institution, so it makes sense that so much of what you hear about it is positive. If you like to measure the worth of things in rankings, we're #8 on the Forbes national list, #5 on the U.S. News & World Report liberal arts college list, #20 on The Daily Beast's list (#1 and #7 on the "Student Life" and "Campus Quality" sublistings, respectively), a...
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47 Reasons Why Pomona is a Special Place

My sponsor group at the Walker Wall painting during Orientation Week!
One of the opportunities the Office of Admissions offers first-year students is the chance to be a Student Ambassador. After you apply, eight first-year students are chosen to give tours, host prospective students, coordinate events for the tour guide and overnight host programs, and collaborate with the Office of Admissions on other projects. The tour guiding aspect of bein...
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Developing Professional Skills as a First-Year Student (Part 1)

The water basin was unexpectedly breathtaking. There were many ducks swimming around!
One of the things that scared me the most as I entered college was the prospect of reality. Words like “decisions,” “long-term plans,” and “responsibilities” loomed over me, but I soon encountered multiple valuable resources for developing professional skills. Over winter break, I participated in the Career Development Office’s (CDO) Shadow a Sagehen program. Through thi...
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Zooming Out: Life at the Claremont Colleges

Going through the college admissions process, we get a lot of advertising and a fairly limited perspective. I know that’s a bit ironic to hear, coming from a Pomona student blog, but really! Receiving mail from Pomona, I remember seeing a lot about great academics, great faculty, nice weather, etc. Don’t get me wrong, these things are true, but the other four Claremont Coll...
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Returning from Abroad: New Perspectives on Pomona

Coming back from studying abroad has been a difficult adjustment, compounded perhaps by having returned to the States only 6 days before arriving in Claremont. For a couple weeks, I was overwhelmed -- by the sheer number of people I knew on campus, by jumping right into classes without having time to readjust or catch up with friends, by having to answer the same questions abou...
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Thoughts to Twenty-Thousand

"What would you say to a million people if you had the chance?" That's the question that prompted students in Designing Conversational Spaces, a course offered by NYU ITP, to launch a social interaction experiment called The Listserve. Once an individual subscribes, he or she has a 1/20000+ chance of being chosen to write to an international audience. And on a random ...
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Pomona: My Home Away From Home

The promising dawn seen from outside my dorm.
Slowly, the dark sky is gently rinsed by hints of blue. Dark blue, light blue, lighter… and gold wash. So emerge the silhouettes of pink coloured clouds, rejoicing at the dawn of a new day. One of my very first blog entries after I started college was on the topic of nostalgia. It was an overwhelming emotion that accompanied the first-year curiosity in everything around me i...
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