Story of Body at 19

Yo, so I was working on another piece all week, but I got in my feels and wrote this instead. Sorry to be heavy two weeks in a row. :)   Story of Body at 19 Years A Spoken Word by Shayn Jackson Father taken at six. Returned at sixteen, And stolen at seventeen. My body is beautiful. Praying to a Savior since seven. Catching the bus since eleven. Waiting in the c...
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Blank Narratives p.1 \_(ツ)_/

{ Disclaimer: Some of you may read this and think: "I don't see the problem with what Mr.Nicepsychologist wrote. He must have some validity right, ma?" Words to which Ma will respond: "Correct my sweet, he is right indeed." If that is your reaction to this, then I implore you to open your mind and get ready for a wild ride. }   While doing research for ...
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How Posse at Pomona Changed My Life

Posse Miami and friends!
When my roommate told me she was part of the “Miami Posse,” I hadn't yet heard of Posse. I found out that Posse Foundation is a great program that selects groups of public high school students across America to attend universities on full scholarship. These cohorts are comprised of intelligent and promising students who may be overlooked by the traditional college application...
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A First-Year’s Reflection on Happiness

I’m going to be real with you, folks: college has been hard. I've had to face new challenges living away from home, adapting to college academic expectations, and most importantly, redefining my own happiness in a new environment. There were definitely times when I questioned whether I belonged at Pomona, and whether I would be able to call it my new home. Though I have come a ...
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Thriving as a Student (Leader)

The cuties of Wig 2 North during lunch on Move-In Day!
spon·sor noun. 1. A sophomore who lives in a first-year hall throughout the year with 1 or 2 co-sponsors and 15 to 18 first-year students, with the objective of easing the transition to college by creating a safe and welcoming living environment. 2. Just another struggling student trying to make it in the world. As I approach the close of fall semester of my second year a...
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U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor and Us

PC Justice Sonia Sotomayor e_016
SETTING: Our Beloved World CHARACTERS: All the people in it SCENE: Pomona College, Claremont, CA Thursday, 3:30 pm. I walked out of my International Relations class, trying to put aside the heaviness sparked by the discussion on the Rwanda genocide and other ethnic conflicts. The first floor of Carnegie Hall — that classy building resembling the White House to some deg...
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Talking about Race at the Claremont Colleges

This past week has been an emotionally exhausting one for the Claremont Colleges community. While Black students and other students of color have been campaigning for institutional support for many months, this week saw culturally appropriative Halloween costumes and an email from a Claremont McKenna College (CMC) dean implying that certain students did not "fit the CMC mold", ...
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Just a couple of Saturdays ago, Improving Dreams, Equality, Access and Success (IDEAS) at the Claremont Colleges hosted "The Dream Run" -- a 5K on campus to raise funds for undocumented students attending Pomona High School. We ended up being successful, raising more than $2,500, which will hopefully provide other students the ability to attend college with minimal costs. ...
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On a Serious Note: Diversity and an Eye-Opening Experience

I am not my neediness - What I Be Project
Usually I write about fun things, positivity, and innocent, overwhelmingly lighthearted observations of life, but today's post is a little different. I deviate from my typical style today to talk about the culturally and socially diverse environment around me, especially at Pomona. You see, I am very fortunate to have everything that I have and I often do not appreciate it enou...
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MERGED: Art & Identity

A few weeks ago, a few friends and I submitted an art project entitled MERGED to The Balcony art show. It was my first time participating in an art show at Pomona, and it was a really neat experience. (I might be overblowing my role in the project -- mostly I connected the people who thought up and designed the project, helped write the artist statement, then showed up to a...
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