Five Things I Never Thought I’d Miss While Abroad

Monday’s commute was the most typical commute I’ve had yet. Almost got nailed by a motorcycle on the way to the metro (classic Monday). Took the longer, scenic route to class, but the metro was backed up and I ended up late (classic Monday). But when the metro stopped unexpectedly over the Seine, instead of groaning, I snapped this picture. Yep, classic Monday. Paris co...
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Studying Abroad in Melbourne, Australia: The Australian Michael Scott (and Other Cultural Differences)

For my time at the University of Melbourne, I am required to take one course focused on Australian culture. Most students opt for the supposedly easy Australia Now! course, but my love for the moving picture pushed me towards Australian Film and Television. This was probably one of the best decisions I have made upon arriving here (second only to eating chocolate-dipped churros...
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Anonymity Abroad: Discovering a Sense of Place

Hey everyone! Happy autumn! Definitely my favorite season, autumn in Paris features strange weather, scarves, and sighs of relief as hordes of tourists return home. For me, this time of year always includes time for reflection. Maybe it’s the coming of winter or the start of a new school year, but I always find myself thinking about how my year has gone, what I want for the upc...
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Welcome to Ye Olde Edinburgh

My travels are taking me farther and farther back in time. My first stop in Boston was already quite the culture shock from hip, innovation-centric California, from which I base my reference point (refer to this previous blog post). Then came a week’s visit to London, a metropolitan hub whose recent modernization left only a few tidbits of archaiety standing, such as the Lon...
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Studying Abroad in Melbourne, Australia: Finding Nemo (and Losing Time)

Hello, hello and g'day, g'day! It has dawned upon me recently that I have 9 weeks left in Australia and 5 weeks left of classes. What. WHAT. Regardless, I am trying my best to bestow my presence upon every inch of Australia that I can. And where better than Ozzie's not-capital-but-still-most-well-known city? After the stress of midterms--and by stress I mean I ...
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A Study in Bread: My First Weeks in Paris

300-year-old covered passage feat. Andrea!
A few days ago, I was eating lunch in the local boulangerie when a man came in and yelled, “Five baguettes, s’il vous plait!” Needless to say, we were all impressed. At that moment, I decided to dedicate my second blog post to my first impressions of France, using my handy-dandy baguette experience scale. One baguette: This could totally be America. Five baguettes: Vive la Fran...
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A Less Than Romantic Countdown to the Most Romantic City in the World

Cecil and Teddie
T minus 7 days: Today, it hit me. You know the feeling (especially you Class of 2019ers). That thing you’ve been waiting an eternity for is almost here. Whoa. The emotions thunder in: joy and sadness, anticipation and anxiety. Do I jump for joy, run and hug my cat, devour some peanut butter? The peanut butter, definitely (justification: it’s really hard to find in France...
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Studying Abroad in Melbourne, Australia: Rainforests, Reefs, and Really Weird Academic Differences

Before I get into my magical, life-changing, breathtaking, one-in-a-lifetime trip to Cairns (the rainforest and reef part of the title), let me address some minor academic differences. Because they're important. Here at Uni, I've been studying a mix of economics for the sake of my major as well as film theory for the sake of my minor (and for my entertainment--I mean, I ...
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Fieldwork in China, or a Huge, Frustrating, Dynamic, Messy Learning Process

My past couple posts have focused on my experiences traveling in China, but haven't really touched on my academic research, which is the whole reason I'm here! With absolutely zero fieldwork experience and minimal preparation (see my post on Preparing to Do Research Abroad, which describes my research topic and preparation process), I hopped on a plane to China. I figure...
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Studying Abroad in Melbourne, Australia: Welcome Week

Melbourne Welcome Scavenger hunt
G'day! I come to you live from Australia again to report my exhausting but exciting first week here as an American abroad! I suppose I should start with the weekend.   Firstly, I have never been to a bar in the States. Secondly, after what I experienced Saturday night, I question if anything within U.S. borders can compare. It was our first Saturday night toge...
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