Junior Year Semester One Reflections: Debussy, and a Memo for My Future Self

The gentle softness. A dialogue where the two of them find phrases slipping naturally out of their inner souls, flowing, overlapping with each other at times and pausing for a restful break at others… That sheer sense of indescribable serendipity and relaxation that render you speechless: a quiet observer to this brave new world where you anticipate the unknown rises and falls....
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A Wild Professor Chase: On Office Hours

If you were to dive into my iCal or folders, you would be sure to find tons of documents labeled “OH”. It’s not an exclamation, as much as I am always excited about it. Instead, “OH” is my abbreviation for Office Hours, a particularly defining element of my college experience. Somehow, I’ve always had a romanticised picture in my mind of what Office Hours would be like: a co...
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Semester 1, Sophomore Year: Check!

Pomona Xiaoyi Xu 2015 12
Happy New Year! Perhaps it’s time to reflect a little on the semester that we just successfully completed. So here we go: Overview From escorting U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, to mealtime conversations with old and new friends, to Athenaeum dinners, classical music at Little Bridges, Law Journal weekly meetings, to playing with kittens during Sophomore/Final...
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5 Ways to Tell Whether Your Life Is Falling Apart

Collapsing in the middle of the hall is the good indicator that you're life has fallen apart.
We’re just out of fall break at Pomona College, which means that we’re fresh out of the never-ending stream of midterms, papers, and lab reports that nearly every student swims in during Weeks 5-7. As you would expect, this deluge of responsibilities inevitably causes a bit of drowning each time it comes around. Fortunately for you, your lovely neighborhood blogger is here ...
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Coming Soon to Theaters: A Paper, a Poster, and My Last Year of College

Studying in the music library (before my headphones malfunctioned)
Here we are in August, and this has probably been one of the fastest summers of my life. I can tell because a lot of things that I’ve been mentally logging as “future” are suddenly up close and personal. August means: the end of SURP, which in turn means: a sizable research paper, clumsily starting to take form a presentation poster, which I know will be rectangul...
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What I Didn’t Realize About Pomona Until I Went Abroad

Dinner Party
As I'm starting my fourth month abroad in Budapest and the last month of my junior year, I'm starting to reflect on my time abroad, but also on my time back at Pomona College. I've begun to realize that leaving Pomona for a few months has made me realize a lot about the college, and I'd like to share a few of these thoughts with you. Quite a few of these are apparent but easy t...
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Semester 1 at Pomona: First-Year Impressions

Embracing Freshman Year!
From my time at Pomona College as a first semester first-year student, I have had so many memorable moments and have learned so much, not only from my classes (Macroeconomics, Calculus, First Year Seminar, and Intermediate Spanish), but from many occasions beyond the classroom. As one of America’s foremost liberal arts institutions, Pomona College provides its students an ab...
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What I Wish I Hadn’t Learned

When I first came to Pomona, I was very concerned with how much I would have to learn. I imagined that I would have to cram in order to be academically prepared for my first semester, because I hadn't learned enough in high school. However, how much I had to learn paled in comparison to how much I had to unlearn. The bad habits, unconsidered assumptions, and false beliefs I ...
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The Motley Coffeehouse: Where I Spent the Last of my Flex

At what point does something become an obsession? That what I'm constantly wondering these days as I keep finding myself back at The Motley. Like way too many others, I often put off the majority of my homework for Sunday nights. But after working for a couple hours, there's no better way to take a break (or call it a night) than by going to the Motley at Scripps. Or eve...
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The Epic Economics Study Group

The Quantitative Skills Center provides whiteboards and quiet study space
9:00 p.m. As the minute hand was set to rejoin the number “12” on my watch, I found myself speeding up on my way from the Quantitative Skills Center (QSC) to Carnegie Hall. I was in between my Maths appointment with a QSC tutor and my Macroeconomics Principles Study Group session, which goes from 9:00 till 10:30 on Tuesdays, on a voluntary basis. The night sky looked bea...
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