Developing Professional Skills as a First-Year Student (Part 1)

The water basin was unexpectedly breathtaking. There were many ducks swimming around!
One of the things that scared me the most as I entered college was the prospect of reality. Words like “decisions,” “long-term plans,” and “responsibilities” loomed over me, but I soon encountered multiple valuable resources for developing professional skills. Over winter break, I participated in the Career Development Office’s (CDO) Shadow a Sagehen program. Through thi...
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Advice from Alumni

At the beginning of August, I had the opportunity to attend a Pomona event for alumni, families, and students in the Seattle area. There, I asked alumni about their Pomona experiences, and what advice they have for me. I wanted to know what they consider the most important things to do before I leave in three years. I also didn’t think it would hurt to ask about some favorite P...
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