An Ode to Realizing It Is November of Your Senior Year

reading outside
By Chilinh (CC) Rozen '18 An Ode to Realizing it is November of Your Senior Year It was about 11:17 a.m. on a fine Monday morning when I stopped responding to emails and actually opened a Google Doc to take notes for my 11 a.m. to 12:15 class (I have left out the name of this class, which I do love, so that my professor does not realize I spent the first 17 minutes feveri...
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Love the Thrill, but Scared of Heights!

Three weeks ago, some friends and I decided to attend the New Jersey State Fair's Opening Day! For me, this would mean my first time leaving the Junior Summer Institute here at Princeton University. So I packed my bags and took the train to Penn Station in New York City. On the train, I met a really nice student from Princeton. We talked a lot about our experiences at Prince...
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Keeping in Touch

Summer is winding down. People here in Georgia are heading back to school. Meanwhile, I still have about two weeks until school starts for me. However, I'm excited to get back to Pomona and to see my friends. Truthfully, I didn't keep in contact with everybody I was supposed to. Before somebody comments on what kind of friend I am, I can explain.... See, if you watch this vi...
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