An Ode to Realizing It Is November of Your Senior Year

reading outside
By Chilinh (CC) Rozen '18 It was about 11:17 a.m. on a fine Monday morning when I stopped responding to emails and actually opened a Google Doc to take notes for my 11 a.m. to 12:15 class (I have left out the name of this class, which I do love, so that my professor does not realize I spent the first 17 minutes feverishly responding to emails, not taking diligent notes). I...
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Love the Thrill, but Scared of Heights!

Three weeks ago, some friends and I decided to attend the New Jersey State Fair's Opening Day! For me, this would mean my first time leaving the Junior Summer Institute here at Princeton University. So I packed my bags and took the train to Penn Station in New York City. On the train, I met a really nice student from Princeton. We talked a lot about our experiences at Prince...
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Keeping in Touch

Summer is winding down. People here in Georgia are heading back to school. Meanwhile, I still have about two weeks until school starts for me. However, I'm excited to get back to Pomona and to see my friends. Truthfully, I didn't keep in contact with everybody I was supposed to. Before somebody comments on what kind of friend I am, I can explain.... See, if you watch this vi...
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