Combining Queer Theory and Pipetting Bacterial Cultures

My summer internship with Planned Parenthood Great Plains, working in the reproductive justice sector
By Calder Hollond ‘21 When I came to Pomona, I thought I was going to be an English major. That’s what I had told all my family and friends before I left home, what I told all my new friends at Pomona during the initial “What are you planning on majoring in?” small talk, and what I made sure to enroll in during course registration. What I hadn’t planned on was that after the...
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Tips About Financial Aid

Pomona Hall
By Kensi Martinez ‘21 Before coming to Pomona, I attended a highly competitive public high school in Los Angeles, where I learned to strive for top grades. Once I started classes at Pomona though, I was surprised to discover that a collaborative learning process—working together on class projects and studying with my classmates—was the norm here. Having gone through the p...
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Competence, Confidence and Creativity

By Sophia Sun '18 As a senior who has strived to fully engage intellectually and socially in the opportunities that Pomona College offers, I’ve realized that the heart of the liberal arts education is not anti pre-professionalism; rather the heart of the liberal arts education involves being self-reflective, throughout the process of learning, about how you can extract trans...
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Dear Internship Coordinator: The Untold Truths of My Cover Letter

Kyra Sanborn 4 Privet Drive Little Whinging, Surrey - 95864 Ÿ- 916.867.5309 Ÿ   Some date that makes it look like I haven't been working on this cover letter for 3 weeks, 2016   Big Giant Company 4700 If Only Rd, I Wonder if Oprah Lived Here Once, CA 99999   Dear Internship Coord...
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Procrastination…I Mean Gap Year

On Friday, Pomona hosted a Gap Year Fair, for those of us who are unsure of what we want to do after graduation (or also for those who know they want to do some kind of cool program after graduation).  There were several different kinds of programs there, like Peace Corps, Teach for America, and organizations that set you up with a cool internship or fellowship with the non-pro...
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Summer Internship and a Motion Story Video

Guest post by Mia Madrid '15.  This summer I interned at Water for People, a Denver-based NGO that works to bring improved water and sanitation to communities all over the world.  Water for People is pursuing an exciting new approach to the global water crisis called “Everyone Forever.” The program’s ultimate goal is to create adaptable, community-run solutions to ensure tha...
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