Junior Year Semester One Reflections: Debussy, and a Memo for My Future Self

The gentle softness. A dialogue where the two of them find phrases slipping naturally out of their inner souls, flowing, overlapping with each other at times and pausing for a restful break at others… That sheer sense of indescribable serendipity and relaxation that render you speechless: a quiet observer to this brave new world where you anticipate the unknown rises and falls....
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5 High-Stress Moments all Awkward Language Learners Know (Oldenborg Lunch)

blog 08 01
When I came to Pomona, I was determined to learn Chinese. First semester was super rough. Whenever it was my turn to read something aloud in class, I was embarrassed and flustered. So imagine how even more embarrassed and flustered I would be in conversations. (Un)luckily for me, language learners must eat at the Oldenborg Dining Hall a certain amount of times each semester, an...
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Semester 1, Sophomore Year: Check!

Pomona Xiaoyi Xu 2015 12
Happy New Year! Perhaps it’s time to reflect a little on the semester that we just successfully completed. So here we go: Overview From escorting U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, to mealtime conversations with old and new friends, to Athenaeum dinners, classical music at Little Bridges, Law Journal weekly meetings, to playing with kittens during Sophomore/Final...
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Around the World in 90 Minutes

Have you ever wanted to sample cultural foods from around the world (fasnetsscherben, okonomiyaki salmorejo, bhajia za dengu, 烧卖(燒賣)... mmmm!), learn simple phrases in 10 different languages from native speakers, find out which German city suits you the best, receive a hand-written card in Spanish, and meet King Cyrus, all without worrying about travel expenses and taking too m...
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30 Things I’m Thankful for

Marston Quad, my absolute favorite view on campus
Sore feet, bulging stomach, exhaustion after Grandma's thorough interrogation, and a sense of complete and utter satisfaction with life. Must mean it's Thanksgiving! Or at least it was a week ago, during a much-needed Thanksgiving break. After being coerced into running the 10k for our Run to Feed the Hungry, I definitely took advantage of our family potluck this Thanksgiving. ...
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Justin’s (Unofficial) Tour of Pomona College: Oldenborg

Traditionally, the first stop on the Pomona College tour is in Oldenborg. For those of you who don't know, Oldenborg doubles up as our language residence and dining halls. Pomona offers, on any given year, between six to eight language residence halls for students to live in. Essentially, the program is one to model an immersive experience in a language without leaving sunny So...
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