Being Hawaiian in Claremont: Reflections from a Student from the 50th State

Aloha! My name is Chandler Bridgman, and I am a first-year student from the island of Oahu in the State of Hawaii. As you would imagine, my transition to Pomona and the city of Claremont has been exciting. Although the much drier climate and less lush environment are very different from my home across the sea, there are many similar cultural experiences both on and off campus. ...
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A First Year’s Time Capsule

Taking on UCSD on our home field at Scripps!
I have officially finished the first half of the semester. My impressions of Pomona are fresh, and I would be lying if I said I felt completely at ease here. Being an international student, living in America is something I’m still not used to. Being at college, my new independence can feel overwhelming at times, and I am not yet sure how I will be able to call Pomona my new ...
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On a Serious Note: Diversity and an Eye-Opening Experience

I am not my neediness - What I Be Project
Usually I write about fun things, positivity, and innocent, overwhelmingly lighthearted observations of life, but today's post is a little different. I deviate from my typical style today to talk about the culturally and socially diverse environment around me, especially at Pomona. You see, I am very fortunate to have everything that I have and I often do not appreciate it enou...
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30 Things I’m Thankful for

Marston Quad, my absolute favorite view on campus
Sore feet, bulging stomach, exhaustion after Grandma's thorough interrogation, and a sense of complete and utter satisfaction with life. Must mean it's Thanksgiving! Or at least it was a week ago, during a much-needed Thanksgiving break. After being coerced into running the 10k for our Run to Feed the Hungry, I definitely took advantage of our family potluck this Thanksgiving. ...
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Goodbye, Thailand

Wandering around the Warorot Market, I flashed a photo to a vendor, who pointed me toward a narrow stall to my left. Down the aisle, I lost momentum, and presented my picture to someone new, who gave me my next direction. After wandering downstream like a lost pinball, I found myself underneath some foreign overpass (again!) amongst the treasures I had been searching for: grani...
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Having to register for classes is a sign that the semester is almost over.  This coming week is registration week.  For the last two weeks, students have been spending time on the course catalog meticulously planning out next semester. One of my classmates referred to the day that the Fall 2013 classes came out as Christmas morning.  It's always so exciting to scroll throug...
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The End of the World: Reflections

I’m currently flying on a plane from a layover in Phoenix to Kansas City to visit my relatives. It’s Wednesday. In Claremont, some of my peers are taking 2-5 p.m. finals, some of them have also already gone, some of them are writing essays, some of them may be studying, some of them are packing, some of them are reflecting on the past semester. Even though I’m not in Claremont,...
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Across the 5Cs

Last week I wrote a not-so-happy blog post. This week is going to be much, much different. Because after I wrote out all those feelings last week, I felt better. Just getting it out on paper (err, pixels) made me feel lighter. I wrote that last Friday morning, then went and participated in an experiment run by CGU (Claremont Graduate University). I made $18 for about 50 minutes...
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To Disneyland!

It's Thursday night. I'm sitting on a plane, headed to Claremont. Tomorrow, Friday (I guess today now that I'm posting this), will be my first day on campus for the 2012-2013 academic year. I will have to get used to telling people I'm a sophomore. I will have to declare a major second semester. But, for today, I'm going to ignore all that. It's my first day back on campu...
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Pomona in Seattle

No one knows about Pomona. Ok, that’s a lie. They say the people who matter (you know, in the world of jobs) know about Pomona. But when I’m home, or gallivanting about Seattle, and someone asks what school I go to, and I say “Pomona,” and then they nod, I normally assume they either have no idea what I’m talking about, or vaguely recognize the name because of Cal Poly Po...
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