Strolling along Seashores: A ‘Taste’ of Spain

Take one step forward with your left foot — a small step suffices. Oh, no flip flops from this point on, please. Feel that delicate texture embracing your foot with such warmth and subtle sounds of acceptance. Another step forward with your right foot, and you experience a marvelous balance. Savour that sensation.  You tilt your head slightly, feel your long hair lifting...
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My very tolerant fellow Mount Baldy hikers (who are considerably more fit)
Chirps is up and running, and I’m copying my assigned readings for the semester to my master to-do list. In the dorms without air conditioning, we’re running fans and shutting windows. The ensembles are auditioning. People aren’t dropping classes quite yet. Posters for open houses are popping up everywhere. Welcome to the fall semester! The class of 2019 is settling in, ...
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Coming Soon to Theaters: A Paper, a Poster, and My Last Year of College

Studying in the music library (before my headphones malfunctioned)
Here we are in August, and this has probably been one of the fastest summers of my life. I can tell because a lot of things that I’ve been mentally logging as “future” are suddenly up close and personal. August means: the end of SURP, which in turn means: a sizable research paper, clumsily starting to take form a presentation poster, which I know will be rectangul...
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Making Money, Then Spending It on Fruit Juice

When the kitchen is all the way down the hall, you have to use your resources for baking
Here I am, almost halfway through my summer project already! Time flies here on campus, especially with not as many students around and no homework to do. My research has progressed to its intermediate stages, and summer living is settling into somewhat of a routine. I’m managing to pick up some extra odd jobs here and there on top of my SURP stipend, so my finances are loo...
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Campus Still Got It

Pomona Hall (from the college website, but it actually looks like this)
Reading the other summer blog posts so far is a bit surreal. Boston? New York? Queensland? Well, that sounds exciting. Meanwhile, this summer I’ll be repping Pomona from… well, Pomona. I’m one of a couple hundred students staying on campus. Some are here as volunteers for PAYS, some are working for various offices and departments, and some (like me!) applied through the Sum...
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