Service, Sun and Sagehen Fun

students on Alternabreak
By Daniel Garcia '21 There aren’t many colleges that will cover your spring break trip, much less a spring break trip back to the place where you grew up, but Pomona’s Draper Center for Community Partnerships did just that for Spring Break 2019. Through a set of programs called “Alternabreak,” Pomona sent me and nine other students to New Orleans to do community service and ...
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Alternabreak Oakland: An Empowering Journey

Alternabreak group with large balloon creatures
By Marie Tano ‘21 This past spring break, I spent time as a Student Coordinator for the Oakland Black Alternabreak trip. I co-led this trip with Katlyn Young ’21, and we spent an entire week in Northern California where we partook in community engagement, volunteerism and self-reflection. All of the students involved with the trip labeled it as an impactful and eye-opening e...
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I Broke Spring Break

Like many seniors, my Spring Break was not something I was especially looking forward to.  Why?  Well I had more or less tasked myself with working diligently on my thesis the entire time.  Have I?  Actually I think I have been pretty good about being productive.  My thesis now totals over 85 pages!!!  But while most people are going off to interesting places, I found mysel...
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Thoughts from Spring Break 2013–Almost Halfway Through!

Today is the first official day of spring break 2013.  It's crazy to think that in 2 short months, I'll officially be a junior!  I'm pretty sure I make a comment about how fast college is going every single time we have a break, but this time it's a lot more unbelievable.  My friends  studying abroad fall of junior year have heard for sure what countries they'll be going to; th...
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