Summer Research: Finding Funding and Free Meals

lab lunch
By Calder Hollond ‘21 One of the most daunting aspects of a typical school year at Pomona can be weaving a summer internship search into an already busy schedule of classes, on-campus jobs, studying, and other extracurriculars. Many students at Pomona get some sort of summer internship, whether it’s part-time or full-time, at home or in a different city, paid or unpaid. Thes...
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Getting to Kyrgyzstan

Dakota on Cecil the Sagehen's back
By Dakota Crookston ‘21 My parents met online, I found Pomona through a web search, and I’m flying to Kyrgyzstan in seven hours because I googled “intensive russian study summer.” My trek started late last August, when I was scrubbing the internet for summer opportunities to learn Russian abroad. Unfortunately, the well-known Critical Languages Scholarship was out of the ...
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My First Summer As a Lab Assistant

looking at slide in chem lab
By Myles Ashitey ‘22 My father would constantly drone on about my “untapped potential.” You could imagine his astonishment to discover that I was granted the opportunity to intern through a program called STEMPrep after my first year of high school. The program seeks out high-achieving, minority students with STEM interests and grants them laboratory experience by pairing...
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Where Rory Taylor Interviews Jack Buyske and Learns about Claremont Pizza Culture

Jack and Rory eating
by Rory Taylor '18 This week I sat down with Jack Buyske, a rising senior at Pomona, to talk about all manner of topics. A Public Policy Analysis major, Jack is on track to head off to medical school after he graduates. Our conversation ranged from the fierceness of the Sagehen mascot to his experience in the college process. Jack, first welcome, but just really quickly w...
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A Love Letter to PAYS (Pomona Academy for Youth Success)

group of students
by Eisen Ipac '19 “EISEN? EISEN ARE YOU AWAKE?” Hearing timid knocks, I fumble for my phone, wondering what time it is. 6:30 AM. The knocks stop, so I quickly kick off my blanket and run to open the door. A tall girl with beautiful warm skin and a soft face looks at me with apologetic eyes. “Hey Maeve, is everything okay?” “Sorry to wake you up, Eisen, but I locked myself...
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Coming Soon to Theaters: A Paper, a Poster, and My Last Year of College

Here we are in August, and this has probably been one of the fastest summers of my life. I can tell because a lot of things that I’ve been mentally logging as “future” are suddenly up close and personal. August means: the end of SURP, which in turn means: a sizable research paper, clumsily starting to take form a presentation poster, which I know will be rectangul...
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Making Money, Then Spending It on Fruit Juice

Here I am, almost halfway through my summer project already! Time flies here on campus, especially with not as many students around and no homework to do. My research has progressed to its intermediate stages, and summer living is settling into somewhat of a routine. I’m managing to pick up some extra odd jobs here and there on top of my SURP stipend, so my finances are loo...
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Campus Still Got It

Reading the other summer blog posts so far is a bit surreal. Boston? New York? Queensland? Well, that sounds exciting. Meanwhile, this summer I’ll be repping Pomona from… well, Pomona. I’m one of a couple hundred students staying on campus. Some are here as volunteers for PAYS, some are working for various offices and departments, and some (like me!) applied through the Sum...
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Hello Junior Year!

The fact that I just wrote that title is so crazy to me.  JUNIOR!? As in more than halfway through.  As in, officially an upperclassman.  How is that even possible!?  I remember like it was yesterday moving in, signing up for my first college classes and meeting my sponsor group for the first time.  Now I'm two years away from that! At 11:00 AM today, I handed my physics pro...
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How I Spent My Summer Vacation

I decided to take my dad’s advice and relive my elementary school days with the typical first day of school assignment, so here we are: How I Spent My Summer Vacation, by Jenessa Irvine, Grade 16 Well, try as I might, unlike many Pomona students I didn’t have some interesting job or fascinating and resume-padding internship.  Instead, this summer I did, well, this and tha...
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