6 Truths Non-Californians Should Know About Socal Weather

As someone from Illinois, Socal weather is definitely not what I was expecting it to be. I was under the impression that it'd be sunny every day, and that the weather would be fabulous, but that was a bit off... 1) Everything is sooo brown This is SOMEWHAT related to the weather because of the drought. In August, when I was on the way to my hotel, I remember being disappo...
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I'm sitting in my dorm room, door open to my suite's patio, reading my first assignment of sophomore year, when I hear a peculiar noise. I thought maybe it was the rocks that trap heat making some weird crackling noise. So, I step outside, and find rain. To my surprise, drops pattern the stones. Earlier this morning, I saw clouds in the sky, and concluded with my roommate th...
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