A Senior? Already?

In two weeks time, I will begin my senior year of college.

That just might be the scariest sentence I have ever written.  Wait!  I’m not ready to be a senior!  Don’t you need a license for that or something?  In ten years when I have my life all figured out (haha….ha….) this anxiety will probably seem ridiculous.  And in truth I’m not thinking about it that much as I’m still in a bit of summer-vacation-denial.

The only advice I remember getting from previous seniors is: don’t be a senior.  Well, that’s comforting.  Not much I can do about that now, except perhaps drop out (can’t imagine trying to explain that to my Pomona alum parents).  Why so scary?  I suppose “senior in college” just sounds so much older and more sophisticated than I imagine myself to be, and of course “senior” implies “will be graduating soon and moving on to the real world” (eek!).

It’s also a bit intimidating because in some ways I feel like I just got here.  Wasn’t it yesterday when we came as freshman and everything about Pomona was rosy and summer camp-like?  Then again I’ve come a long way since fall of 2009.  I mean, back then, I didn’t know what I was going to major in, or how to do my own laundry.  I hadn’t yet been to Israel and South Africa, or figured out that the library café has the best muffins on campus.  And I’ve definitely learned a lot here at Pomona, such as the ever-useful skill of balancing a fork with my pinky while holding a plate and cup to navigate the dining hall.  I suppose I don’t feel like a first-year anymore—now my younger sister is the freshman in college, and all I can think of when I hear Class of 2016 is that by then the Summer Olympics will be in Rio de Janeiro.  I don’t exactly need to relive my sponsor-group days, but I do not feel quite like a senior.  Yet.

The other scary thing about senior year, and what makes this year different from all other years is that as-yet unidentified flying object hanging over my head.  See it? Up there?  Yup: thesis.  Never have I ever written anything that long or complicated before.  I’m sure I will survive it, but in the meantime, cheers for many many more hours in the library.

Not everything about being a senior is intimidating, though.  There are definitely perks to being at the top of the totem pole (hello, earliest registration times!) and I’m determined to get to everything I want to see or do at in Claremont before the year is out.  For instance, I still haven’t made it up Mt. Baldy or to the Shakedown at Pitzer.  Everything may not be new and exciting, but there is still a lot to explore.  Plus there are annual events like SCAMFest and the International Festival that I cannot wait to enjoy again.  I want to make every glorious moment count.

…Before I go off to grad school and become a freshman once again.