Butterfinger Pancakes?

Having brunch at Frank is awesome. It’s great to run into old friends and chill with them before school starts. However, something caught my eye while I was in Frank this afternoon.

I noticed crushed Butterfinger pieces. At first I was confused. I had Buttterfinger cookies, cake and ice cream before. However, it’s brunch; where can you possibly use crushed Butterfingers? Well, I soon had my answer: Butterfinger pancakes. Sounds weird doesn’t it?

Here is the pancake…minus a piece

Of course, being the type of person I am, I wanted to try it. I got one, and it was actually good. I was surprised. It was different than anything I have ever had before; however, I still liked it.

If this is the start of how the food on campus is going to be, then I can’t wait for my meals. I’ll even get up early enough for breakfast.