Dinner with Feldblum

Today, Blaisdell 2 Back had dinner with Dean Feldblum, along with some other professors who joined in on the fun.

There isn’t much to say, really—we came, we ate, we talked.

Spiblings getting drinks and waiting for Dean to finish greeting people so that they can get food

Beforehand, someone had told us we’d be served Frary food, and I was pleasantly surprised that dinner was better than “Frary food.” We had Mexican-style chicken with beans, rice, and tortillas, as well as some tofu-vegetable dish. We also had fruit and brownies for desert. And, of course, there was lemonade, like at all such Pomona events.

Catherine Chen finds a misshapen grape in her plate of fruit.

Having dinner with Pomona professors and the Dean, of course, invited much conversation about academics and the like. Unfortunately for me, there were no English professors on hand, but there were a few who taught politics, math, and biology.

Dean Feldblum attempts to make conversation with students and professors, but they are all eating, as this is dinner.

Of course, Dean promoted her Twitter account and suggested we all follow her: @DeanFeldblum

Thank you, Dean!