My 19th Birthday!

It seems as though two of us bloggers share the same birthday!

Yesterday, September 5th was my 19th birthday: arguably one of the most unexciting birthdays a young adult celebrates. So naturally, I wasn’t expecting much, especially since it was the second day of classes.  At first it seemed like the universe wasn’t going to disappoint and was going to give me that boring 19th birthday “celebration” that I expected.

After a quick celebration at midnight involving birthday-themed song selections chosen with care by my lovely roommate, it was off to bed for me because I had to face my first-ever 8am class the next morning.

6:45 am arrived far more quickly than I hoped, and thus began my 19th birthday– trudging around my dorm room trying to coherently get dressed and make it out the door with plenty of time to get a good seat in the big lecture hall. Oh and did I mention that this particular 8 am class happens to be organic chemistry, one of the most feared classes at Pomona?  Once class was over, I stepped outside and found that it was raining.  Gone was the sun I had come to love and hate at the same time, replaced with muggy, hot rain. On top of it all, I had statistics lab from 8-9 that night.

Nineteen wasn’t looking so good for me.

During dinner however, things started looking up.  My friends were acting very suspicious and I knew they were plotting my fountaining.  But I thought I could outsmart them, so when dinner finally came to an end I snuck out of the dining hall while they were all putting away their dishes.  I wanted to get up to the third floor where my room is, because I figured it would be much harder to drag me down three flights of stairs.

Little did I know, instead of outsmarting them, they outsmarted me.  Knowing that I would figure it out, my friends placed two more of my friends inside Mudd-Blaisdell, so that as I walked by alone, evading my friends, I was ambushed, picked up (kicking and screaming) and carried to the nearest fountain.  Afterward, back at my suite, my friends surprised me with DELICIOUS cupcakes and very thoughtful gifts.

Though I had to leave in the middle of my own birthday party to go to statistics lab, I realized my day had completely turned around thanks to my amazing friends. So while it wasn’t my 18th or 21st birthday, and despite the fact that I didn’t have a free day to do whatever I wanted, I still managed to have a wonderful day. Maybe 19 won’t be too shabby after all.