Procrastination…I Mean Gap Year

On Friday, Pomona hosted a Gap Year Fair, for those of us who are unsure of what we want to do after graduation (or also for those who know they want to do some kind of cool program after graduation).  There were several different kinds of programs there, like Peace Corps, Teach for America, and organizations that set you up with a cool internship or fellowship with the non-profit of your choice.

It was all very lovely (plus the un-identifiable juice was really good).  Many seniors and other class members came to check out the programs and collect pamphlets and get onto email lists.  I was hoping there would be a little more direction in my life by now so I could say, “Yes, I’m taking time off before grad school so I can do X.”  However, I guess these programs could give me some direction—there was one in particular that sounded really cool, which was about getting placed in schools with struggling students to try to turn their education around by giving them homework help, motivation and support.

On the other hand, I would absolutely love to go abroad again, and I know there are bajillions of opportunities to do that as well.  Maybe I’ll just have to take multiple gap years!