Walker Wall

Walker Wall has, once again, been painted by first-years.

The wall, previously full of stuff, was painted white in preparation for the event. Sponsor groups were assigned time slots during which they bonded through painting.

First-years thoroughly enjoyed Express Yourself, which is what it is called in the Pomona College 2012 Orientation handbook.

“I enjoyed painting it,” Janet Hererra says.  “We did bond.”

“We loved it,” Cristina Lopez recalls, her voice containing hints of happiness and sadness. “We united as a sponsor group… had so much fun.”

Blaisdell 2 Back appreciates “peace,” “47,” rainbows, and the sagehen.


Wig 2 Side leaves their mark in the form of a  red-orange thing.


G-South pays tribute to the Batman and the Bat Signal for some reason.

Indeed, not everybody had such an amazing experience.  Says Samantha Coyiuto: “I got paint all over my hand.”

Despite the distress of getting paint on her own hand, Coyiuto agrees that she, too, had a good time.