Back to Reality

Today is Wednesday which means back to classes. Time to prepare ourselves for the next wave of papers, exams, etc we will have to face within the next few days. Unfortunately, I overslept today, so I missed one class and was late for another. Best way to start the week right?

Well, I’m done for the day, so now I will reflect on ┬áthe top 10 highlights of Fall break.

  1. waking up everyday naturally (after 11:30am)
  2. Staying up late because I want to instead of needing to finish work
  3. Just Dance, Michael Jackson: The Experience and Super Mario Bros (what more can I say?)
  4. going to the mall
  5. actually having the opportunity to walk around the mall
  6. Brunch everyday
  7. trying new Japanese snacks with the Pomona-Pitzer Christian Fellowship
  8. hanging out with people whom I never see because I live on North Campus
  9. Dancing to somebody’s wedding music
  10. playing the game “This is So Much Fun”

That was my fall break in a nut shell. Even though it was gray for a bit, I enjoyed my fall break. Now, it’s time to get back to work…. I have a kanji quiz tomorrow.