Fountaining: An Essential Guide

Today, after having a spogro brunch at Scripps, I was fountained.

Through my experience, I gained some necessary knowledge about all there is to know about fountaining.


You will want:
1) flip flops
2) whatever shorts (they will get wet)
3) a whatever shirt (it will get wet)
4) your spogro
5) a towel (optional)
6) a fountain

Basically, what happens is that your spogro decides to do something, like hang out or go to eat or something of that sort, and then afterward, they ambush you, grab you, carry you to the nearest fountain, and gently place you in it. Sometimes, they do it at midnight while you’re in your hall.

flip flops
a towel
a fountain

What I didn’t anticipate was that you have to stiffen up so as not to “dead weight,” and that the water was really cold. My feet were numb. At any rate, it was quite hot outside, so I didn’t need the towel, and the water helped cool me down on my way back to my room.

Later that day, my spogro gave me a card and a cupcake.

the card and cupcake

Overall, it was nice.
10/10 would recommend