“Jan Et Herr”

Today is Janet Herrera’s birthday.

In celebration, my sponsor group ceremoniously fountained her at midnight earlier today in the Thatcher fountain. Unfortunately, I wasn’t here to witness it and to take pictures to embarrass her, but life goes on.

An Instagram photograph of Herrera, post-fountaining, with spibling Samantha Coyiuto

When asked how it felt to be fountained, Herrera explains: “It was fun. I wish I could have gotten fountained again. The sponsor group was going to fountain me at Frank after dinner, but I wanted to go to the one in the quad, so we didn’t go through with it.”

Indeed, the birthday celebration did not stop there. During dinner, the spogro sang Happy Birthday to Herrera as she walked across the dining area to get to her seat, and her face turned red and everyone clapped and it was nice. After, as we headed back to our rooms, we thought about throwing her into the Frank fountain, just for fun. We decided not to do that.

A bad picture of Herrera with sponsor Trevor Smith, deciding whether or not Herrera should be put into the Frank fountain. Ultimately, we decided against it.

To compensate for the missed opportunity of a second fountaining, sponsor Rachel Jackson purchased a chocolate-nut cupcake from Some Crust Bakery to give as a present. At about 10:00p.m., the spogro ambushed Herrera and violently hurled her into the Frank fountain kindly gathered in secret to prepare the cake with a candle, and also to sign a birthday card to present along with the food.

Herrera poses with her cake and her card.

This was Blaisdell 2 Back’s third birthday thus far. One is coming up on Thursday, I hear.

Of course, a birthday wish isn’t a birthday wish without a post onto the wall of the birthday girl’s Facebook wall:

Happy birthday!