Journal 2- Founders Day

Founders Day, Pomona College’s “birthday,” an event filled with fun, celebration,  lots of older people visiting, a carousel, free stuff, and not me, because I went home to stay with family, as I do every Sunday.

I do admit, though, that I’d really have liked to have gone. I mean, Pomona becomes 125 years old only once, right? People keep posting pictures and quirky Facebook statuses about their time there, while I’m like, Oh darn it. And I’m even blogging for this celebration. But, anyway, I’m here at home, sitting at my computer, having finished a portion of cottage cheese with blueberry sauce, waiting for somebody to post before midnight, and realizing slowly that that person must be me.

The official poster for this year’s Founders Day

Some things I’m seeing:
-New, cool profile photos of people in a photo booth thing
-Pictures of people fencing
-“Greenshirt Love”
-News of a flash mob
-A Capella groups
-Bouncy castles
-Carnival games
-Statuses telling about these things

People fencing


People in a photo booth (Sara Shi, left; Sam Du, right)


People with a tortoise (Shani Paul, left; Sierra Jones-Frishman, right)


People with Cecil Sagehen (Paul, left; Marquise Brown, right)


People forming the flash mob


People during the flash mob, performing a dance to Gangnam Style

Indeed, it seems like it was fun.

My Sunday, as usual, consisted of going home, going to church, eating out with family, catching up on sleep, going to visit more family, and packing to get ready for another week of school. Perhaps next year I’ll have better luck and go. But, I do admit that I absolutely love being so close to home that I’m able to get out of the Pomona bubble every week I’m able. Family is great. Real Asian food is great. Hearing people speak Vietnamese all around me is amazing. Actually, I was just at my grandparents’ house eating homemade bún riêu, and it was great, too. Afterward, I ventured to my aunt’s room and looked at an old photo album from about six or seven years ago, and I was like, Wow look how old I have gotten I am now in college and look at how all my family is together we barely do this anymore. Granted, being away from home doesn’t allow much of that family stuff to happen, but I kind of miss it, you know? Then I got sad, which usually happens, and then I was hit by the thought that I will one day die and this is all futile… I shouldn’t dwell on this too much. Haha.

At any rate: Though I didn’t get to go to Founders Day, I am sure that somebody out there who actually attended this will post a more detailed account of it and do it justice.

Until then, though; happy 125th, Pomona!